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Vendor:Luke Maguire
Launch Date:2020-Sep-30
Launch Time:9:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47-$67
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Affiliate Network:JVZoo 


=-  PROFILEMATE – $20,000 Prizes – September 30 at 9 AM ET –

Hey team! Luke Maguire here & I am so excited to share with you the most powerful tool I’ve built to date – PROFILEMATE. Since my last launch Advertsuite (the number 1 launch of 2019 paying the most money in commissions to affiliates on all of jv zoo) I’ve been working on ensuring that is a top seller every single day almost a year after launch, along with putting together PROFILEMATE. I’m sharing on my facebook (search Luke Maguire) my entire launch model and how i’ve kept it a TOP Seller for over a year and making affiliates over 6 figures this year alone – i’ll be doing the same for profilemate so if you promote Profilemate I’ll ensure you get paid for years to come from this 1 week promotion.

This tool is the holy grail of list building with instagram in my opinion & access IS READY NOW for you – If you use this and don’t get 100+ emails ethically within an hour, i’ll pay you 100 bucks – big call i know, so get ready for this one 😉

PROFILEMATE is a tool I made for Instagram to:
  1. – Allow users for the first time ever find out a LOT of information regarding their own audience, competitor audience or any like minded page – allowing users to drive targeted, engaged leads to any page they like.
  2. Build extremely targeted leads from email lists, phone numbers, addresses using information that users provide if they want to be contacted – i.e. 1 in 10 users give their email address to be contacted.
  3. Instagram is a unique platform allowing users to SEE who follows (by clicking on the followers of any page) and engages (through likes and comments of any post). To MANUALLY go through every profile, write down the details, check engagement scores, write down emails, numbers and phone numbers on a page that has 10k, 100k or 1 mill+ followers would take a lifetime.
  4. This is where PROFILEMATE was born – to automatically do the hard work for you and deliver you these results.
  5. -Once i have an idea like this, i then BUILD onto it to ensure it works for Ecom, Local Marketing, affiliate marketing & offline business – this is a BIG tip for anyone launching a product – if you want BIG numbers in the MMO space, don’t focus your launch on ONE niche.
  6. this then lead to the creation of not just searching profiles, but also locations AND hash tags, meaning you can build local market analytics and leads as well as hash tag specific niches (#dogs, #fitness etc) which is perfect for ecom.
  7. PROFILEMATE then grew to be a tool that just analyses profiles and builds leads of people who actually want to be contacted, to a tool that can break down the most targeted users following a page, top performers, influencers, pages that need help, profiles dominating in any niche and much more.
  8. As usual we also created a FULL SUITE of launch week bonuses that make this the all in 1 insta marketing tool of 2020. This is a first to market software as many features of insta we connect to are only new this year
I mentioned earlier on that I would do a FULL breakdown of the launch process and you can see on my FACEBOOK PROFILE HERE  – but for now please opt into the jv page and place a comment bellow if you are interested in a review copy, demo video is also on jv page LIVE.
Also previously mentioned I’m sharing how my last launch has remained a top seller every day for over a year with zero recurring in the funnel – i’ll be doing this for profilemate also (and showing you how i do it live) – promoting this literally will give you the best chance to make commissions not just now but for a LONG time after launch – just like our partners who promoted my last launch 🙂

Anything you need please reach out to me also and i’ll create a group with

Simon Harries and i to look after you 24/7.
I’m SO excited for this one team. Let’s GET IT TEAM!
Luke Maguire
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