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Vendor:Sean Donahoe
Product:Yellow Brick Formula
Launch Date:2023-Sep-19
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $97
JV Page:
Affiliate Network:JVZoo 

Yep, Sean Is Back…

The 60-Min/Day PRODUCTLESS Business That Requires ZERO Marketing That Generated $1.2 Million In Under 4 Months – Live 5-Day Masterclass – One Skill, 60 Mins a Day and Never Worry About Money Again…

$591/Sale – 100% Commissions on the Front End – $35,000 in JV Prizes with No Limits – Are you in?

Would you like 100% commissions on the front end of a killer new business and your shot at a $35k affiliate prize pool?

Great, then make sure you block out Sept 19th to Sept 24th as Sean Donahoe is back with a BANG and an amazing Live MASTERCLASS that’s created incredible student success stories and you are invited to be part of this launch.

He’s launching a brand-new program “Yellow Brick Formula”. A 5-Day live Masterclass on how to tap into a multi-billion-dollar untapped business that requires zero products, marketing, funnels or any of the complex things most online businesses need and it can be run in just 60 minutes a day.

Sean has been a successful and profitable trader since 1999 and made his fortune in the markets, using profits from businesses to rapidly grow his wealth. He has spent years refining, honing and simplifying his approach so that ANYONE can learn. Best of all, in this launch, he will be showing how to tap into an area of Crypto that is available to everyone in an area is highly profitable, consistent and predictable without caring what the rest of the economy is doing to make it recession proof.

Best of all, they can learn, practice and master this skill without risking a dime, unlike any other online business. We’ll teach them all how.

This will all be taught LIVE over 5 days and your customers are going to love this approach that is creating verifiable success stories of people creating incredible profits in as little as 24 hours.

Block out the dates Sept 19th to Sept 24th –  go sign up now here:

Quick Launch Info Summary

Product Name: Yellow Brick Formula

One-Line Hook: The 3-step Productless Business That Generated $1.2 Million In Under 4 Months With Just One Skill – Discover The “No-BS” Online Business With Zero Products, Marketing, Funnels, Paid Ads, Or Prior Experience – Just One Skill, 60 Minutes A Day And You’ll Never Worry About Money Again…

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Prelaunch Dates: Sept 12th – Sept 18th
Launch Date: Sept 19th to Sept 24th
Vendor: Sean Donahoe
Affiliate Platform: JVZoo
JV Manager:  Simon Warner
Launch Format: 4 x Times Daily Webinars / Direct Sales Page
Product Price: $97 at 100% commissions – Upsell One $197 @ 50% Commission – Upsell Two $297 @ 50% Commission

Affiliate Prize Pool: $35,000 with a top prize of $15,000 and NO MINUMUMS

Ideal Audiences: Entrepreneur, IM, Bizopp, Make Money Online, Traffic, Social Media, Agency, Real Estate, General Audiences. Essentially any target market can be targeted.

Who is Sean?

Sean Donahoe is a legend in the Internet Marketing world with some of the largest launches in history under his belt.

Known for creating products and systems that customers love and create REAL results with. He is a 24+ year veteran business builder, master trader, investor and has helped thousands of traders all over the world be more successful, profitable, consistent, and confident with their trading.

Sean is the founder and CEO of Trade Canyon, Inc., a company dedicated to creating profitable, consistent and business-like traders by sharing over 24 years of experience, strategies and building consistent wealth without worry.

From the moment he placed his first trade in 1999 he was hooked bringing his business building super-powers to trading regardless of the economy. He has been hired as a consultant for multinational banks, investment firms, and money managers globally.

He lives semi-retired in paradise but there is only so much racing around on motorbikes and relaxing on beaches you can do. So, he’s been on a mission to revolutionize trading, turning average or new traders and entrepreneurs into the top 5% of traders on the planet.

Sean started from nothing and built his way to his wealth with the very strategies he shares. He is also the creator and co-host of one of the most popular and humorous podcasts on trading, “Rebel Traders”, listened to by traders all over the world and consistently in the top-recommended podcasts in the “Business and Finance” categories and charts.

Even though he’s been out of the launch world since 2016, has over 99,500 sales, 32,000 affiliate sales, 12 POTD’s and made millions for JVs in his launches, he is still a top 10% affiliate and top 20% seller (Without doing any promotions or launches in over 7 years)

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