Mike Filsaime’s Groove.ai Review: Discover How & Why We’re Using Groove.ai In Our 8-Figure Content Business

DON’T EVEN CONSIDER Backing “Groove.ai” Before Watching This Video And Reading All The Information On This Page In Full!


Mike Filsaime’s Groove.ai launch is going to received extreme hype over the next few weeks and most reviews out there don’t have a CLUE what the even product is! They’ll NEVER use it and they WILL NOT be telling you the truth… it’s pure opportunism.

I’ve known and worked with Mike in the past, and we’ve spoken at length about this development, so I have a deeper insight into what he’s doing.

We’re also in talks on how our two powerful platforms may synergise together – and I would not risk our reputation on something I didn’t fully believe in..


Hi, Chris Munch here!


Let’s start with what Mike has accomplished with Groove.ai…

• Mike Filsaime is a very smart, successful business owner with decades of experience

• In 2006 he became the 2nd digital marketer to break a $1,000,000 product launch.

• He’s considered one of the ‘founding fathers’ of internet marketing.

• Has developed and launched several super influential software products.

• Many of the biggest names in the industry use Mike’s products to make millions.

• Is recommended as the best marketers for beginners to listen to by Rich Schefren.

• TIs poised to have Groove.ai known as the industry leader in the A.I. content space.

… and now I’m going to tell you what nobody else will.


Why I’m Uniquely Qualified To Review & Assess Mike Filsaime’s Groove.ai

I’ve been doing content marketing for close to 20 years online.

I’ve made millions of dollars in sales over that time in all kinds of niches; from handbags to parenting courses, to crypto, to drone piloting and way beyond.

I’ve also run a successful tech company (AmpiFire), which recently crossed $50,000,000 in sales by itself.



So I know what it takes to launch and run a software in a hyper-competitive environment.

What Mike has accomplished in his time online is astounding.

What’s more astounding is each one of his key software offers have became mainstream in the marketing community and established as market leaders.

So as Mike steps into the realm of A.I. and content marketing, I feel uniquely qualified to tell you whether this is worth your time and investment.

I’ve also been experimenting with A.I. since ChatGPT’s release in November 2022 – as I saw the major impact it was going to have on content marketing.

I run an exclusive A.I. content mastermind group and experiment with it on a daily basis.

And I’ve been developing my own A.I. content solutions as well.


Wait, Does That Make Mike & Groove.ai My Direct Competition?!

While it may sound like we’re in competition with each other…

What Mike has created is, in many ways, the A.I. solution even I’ve been waiting for. 

My developments are unique to my strategies with details being released later in the year.

Groove.ai is a widespread platform that’s going to give you freedom and flexibility to do ALL KINDS of marketing tasks – effectively ELIMINATING OVERWHELM & FUTURE PROOFING YOUR BUSINESS.

Because frankly, I think most people are already sick of hearing about A.I.


How Might Groove.ai Be The Last A.I. Tool You’ll Ever Need To Pay Attention To?

If you’re feeling like this…

Overwhelmed By A.I.? Then You’ll Want A Single Solution To Do Practically Everything You Need Done In Your Marketing To A Very High Standard… Which Is What Groove.ai Presents You.

… then Groove.ai is the blessing you’ve been waiting for.

And you wouldn’t be blamed for feeling a little overwhelmed or sick and tired of hearing about A.I. either.


With 1,000’s Of A.I. Tools Having Launched – Having A Single Platform To Do Your Marketing Tasks Will Save You From The Insanity And Actually Get You The Results A.I. Was Meant For…


Replacing A 7-Figure Marketing Team

Groove.ai is designed to give you freedom and flexibility… as well as a clearly defined and guided path to getting what you need done. 

For example…

I invest 7 figures annually on a team of ~100 people to keep AmpiFire running. 

I will be eager to use Groove.ai to help that team generate 10X the results they’re getting now.

For the beginner or the early startup business… you’ll be able to accelerate your time to profit by weeks, even months… which is incredible and can literally mean buying back more of your life. 

… and the best part?


Upload The DNA Of Your Business Into The A.I. To Make $100,000+ And More…

This is the most exciting part of all.

Groove.ai doesn’t just produce standard, cookie-cutter marketing… it allows you to craft your own identity.

The most successful businesses on Earth have a great deal of time and energy defining ‘who’ they are, their values, what they offer etc.

This is what makes Apple, Apple.

This is what makes Nike, Nike.

This is what makes “Sally’s Organic Bakes” a local favorite. 

We at AmpiFire have been refining our brand DNA for almost a decade and millions of dollars of testing.

This is the single most impactful thing you can do for your marketing.

And Groove.ai guides you to do it for your business, even if it’s new.

It’ll then inject this DNA straight into ALL the marketing it creates for you…

… so clearly I’m excited, but is there any downside?




I’ve been waiting for a tool like Groove.ai to appear for months.

However, there are still some drawbacks you should be aware of before backing the project…


-It Is Still Just A Tool – You can’t just say “build me a 7 figure business”! You have to have a plan and a goal in mind and use the tool to get the work done faster (which will be amazing for validating new business or marketing ideas!) Basically, it isn’t push button riches, but an incredible time saving tool that’ll help you produce better marketing without the cost or sweat equity.


-You Still Have To Train It – Not many people realise, A.I. is like a super-intelligent intern who will complete every task to the best of its ability. It’s still up to you to tell it exactly what you need it to do and this can be challenging. Groove has made it SO MUCH EASIER… but to get the best results and beat your competition, you’ll need something a little extra (see below).


-You Should Expect 80% Of The Results – When I say Groove.ai will replace a 7-figure marketing team, I’m not really exaggerating. Right out of the box (especially with my add-ons below) you’ll be able to produce the equivalent marketing to several well-trained professionals, including designers, copywriters, administrators, developers, content creators and so on.


You won’t need to spend months and tens of thousands of dollars on hiring and training… you just use the Groove.ai. The output won’t’ likely be ‘quite’ as exceptional as veterans with 10+ years experience who command 6-figure salaries… but you’ll probably get 80% there PLUS since you’re eliminating the time training, managing and the up front and ongoing investment… you’ll probably end up with an even better outcome overall.


In the right hands, I think these drawbacks are massively outweighed by the benefits.


-For Beginners for a comparatively tiny investment, you will get to wield the marketing power of a 7-figure marketing team and remove any bottlenecks such as design, content production, copywriting etc. and yield at least 80% of the gains of having a full marketing team working for you full time WITHOUT the ongoing time or cash investment. This can remove any barriers to getting your first profits online, so long as you use it! Create your offer, website and promotional content and put it out there! Watch the traffic come in and sales get made this week!


-For Intermediates there are probably still tasks you don’t enjoy doing or aren’t particularly good at – and struggle to find people good enough at a reasonable enough price to be worth it. These bottlenecks are what’s keeping you from reaching the next stage of profitability; be it from 5 to 6 figures, or 6 to 7 figures – and Groove.ai will eliminate this problem for you, so you can finally level up!


-For The Advanced you most likely already have a team in place and Groove.ai will make them even more powerful. Train your team to use Groove.ai in their respective roles and have your experts get 10X more done – especially when they have the experience can make subtle tweaks and improvements to yield exponential gains. This is what I’m doing in my own 8-figure business…


Why I’ve Decided To Back Groove.ai Myself

I have already backed Groove.ai.

Not only that, but I’m currently in talks to explore ways in which my own 8-figure software platform can synergise with Groove.ai.

After almost 20+ years online and operating at the highest levels, having seen hotly hyped projects explode and then fade into obscurity… I can tell Mike’s Groove.ai is here to stay.



Getting in as a backer now means lifetime access… one payment for years of use.

The profits you can generate from this relatively tiny ONE TIME investment is astonishing.

This may well save you hundreds of thousands of dollars; while making you the same, maybe even millions if you really take it to task.

It would suggest the more advanced your business, the bigger return you will get on this platform.

However, since this is the one and only time you will get near-infinite ROI (as it is a one time investment you can earn from for years to come)… 


I recommend everybody who is into online business gets this.




See You In There!

Chris Munch


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