The Truth Behind “123 Profit” Nobody Is Telling You (And My $292,365 Commitment)


DON’T EVEN CONSIDER Investing In “123 Profit” Before Watching This Video And Reading ALL The Warnings On This Page In Full!



Aidan Booth’s 123 Profit launch is likely going to be the most hyped up launch of the year and most reviews out there don’t have a CLUE what the product is! They’ll NEVER use it and they WILL NOT be telling you the truth…

I’ve known and worked with Aidan for over 10 years, we’ve spoken at length about this model, so I have a deeper insight into what he’s doing.

I know the flaws of the 123 Profit model and I know this isn’t for everyone. I also know how to ‘fix’ these flaws and even turn them to your advantage. The result is much more traffic, higher conversions, lower costs and a significant extension to the lifespan of your business.

For those who ARE suited to this business, I’ve pledged $292,365 of my own funds to GUARANTEE the profit of 50 action-takers by or before around Mid-March 2023. Conditions apply. Details below.


Let’s start with what they’re doing right in 123 Profit...

• Aidan Booth is a very smart, successful business owner

• His affiliate traffic methods are effective and largely untapped

• He’s mastered a largely overlooked method (making +$10,914 in 24 hours)

• His methods and technology empower anyone to profit with affiliate marketing

• The support and guidance is exactly what most beginners need

• He has beginner students producing $100’s to $1,000’s per day

• The profit potential here is huge and can even begin on Day 1

… and now I’m going to tell you what nobody else will.


123 Profit Has Some Obvious Flaws

Flaw #1 – The Money & Time Risk

Rule #1 In Business – Don’t Lose Money!

123 Profit is a premium affiliate marketing training course and a significant investment.

While you won’t be paying for costs like inventory, warehousing, storage, distribution, software subscriptions, outsourcers or assistants… like with most businesses (online and offline)…

You may end up paying for ads to get traffic, which adds to the risk and outlay.

If you don’t pay for ads to get traffic, you’re going to be investing your TIME.

In both cases, you’re risking something on top of your initial investment – and whatever other issues I may have with the 123 Profit method; if there were no risk, I’d have little concern.

I tend to deal with minimal outlay methods and generate profits before I risk heavier investments.



Flaw #2 – Building No Reputation “Stranger” Campaigns

The trouble with starting a brand new campaign for anything, in any niche, is having no reputation, which means no trust. No Trust means fewer, tougher conversions and more expensive traffic.

Super Affiliates know this and make up for the lower conversions with sheer ad spend (expensive!)

Most high-level affiliate marketers accept “it takes money to make money” and lose thousands of dollars before turning a profit – but they wouldn’t have to, if they knew what I know…

They think building trust is something that HAS to take years… but it can happen in minutes. Even seconds.

Aidan would make more money in his campaigns if he did this for his winners.



Flaw #3 – Inefficient Offer Selection

Another advantage of the 123 Profit approach is quickly testing for profitable offers vs. trying to force an ‘ok offer’ to be profitable (and often failing because you run out of money).

Once you have a winner, you can lean into it and scale up with greater ad spend, reinvesting your profits (or at least adding more of your own money to break even and make “a few more tweaks”).

HOWEVER – this means only a small handful of offers will really be worth your time, effort and money – which means more competition… and we hate competition!!!

HOWEVER – when you have a “plug & play” way to make 10x more money from your traffic than your competition, you can afford to promote “OK offers” or “Break Even” offers (even small loss offers!) because you’ll make a LOT more profit on the back end… which means way more opportunities to drive more traffic and make more money… with virtually zero competition.

Good News… there are some simple ways to effortlessly boost your $/visitor and even get paid several times for someone who only visits you ONCE…



Flaw #4 – Ignores The BEST Source Of The Highest Converting Traffic

Aidan has spent a lot of time researching and investing into traffic methods that suit every student, of every level of experience.

From beginner, to intermediate, to advanced – you’re almost certain to find a traffic strategy inside 123 Profit that’s going to boost your earnings.

However, there’s one MAJOR traffic method they don’t cover, which is the #1 best source of the highest converting traffic in the world.



Flaw #5 – Leaves Money On The Table

Another strong advantage of the 123 Profit model, is they keep in mind (at least to some degree) the importance of stacking your results… but we can go further!

Imagine you have Instant Overwhelming Trust, you make 10X $/Visitor than your competitors, you generate even more high-converting traffic for free…

At this point you can probably just ask to get paid more by the advertisers and they’ll say yes because you’re delivering such great results!

However – what if you didn’t even need them? What if you could add $100k/year to your earnings in each hot niche you decide to enter and keep ALL the profits?

Most affiliates never achieve the full potential of their ability to generate traffic…





There’s Good and there’s Bad.

123 Profit is arguably the best way to get into Affiliate Marketing online today, which means potentially massive scalable profits – without any of the logistics or headaches of other business models.

No products, customer service, no inventory or suppliers… you just become a master of driving traffic that converts. That’s also the most valuable skill I think there is to learn online; so you could say you’re going to get paid to master a skill that can make you a lot of money.

• For beginners it’s ideal because it removes about just about every roadblocks in a ‘point and click’ manner, to get you on the path to at least $100 – $300+ per day profit to start out quickly – and Aidan DOES know what he’s doing. This is enough encouragement to keep taking action consistently and make real changes happen in your life.

• For intermediates it’s useful because it cuts out a lot of noise and complication, you can focus on the 80/20 while saving you several $100s to $1,000+ per month on tools and resources – and will let you hone in on highly profitable traffic sources you may not have mastered yet.

• For the advanced – you’ll probably get frustrated by the pace of the course, since it is beginner focused and goes step-by-step. I would say, however, the traffic modules and fast access to winning offers will pay for the course many times over.

Aidan has a proven track record of producing success stories.

He’s also very successful in his own businesses, coaching and training – and I’ve known him long enough to vouch for him 100% (even if his launches a little too hypey and gloss over some finer details, sometimes e.g. using “Run Rate” figures makes it feel like every day is a $10,000+ winner – which doesn’t happen without a LOT of work… but $100-$300+/day is much more reasonable and attainable).


123 Profit is not perfect.

There are some missing pieces which, in my opinion, would make taking your 123 Profit business into 6-7 figure territory much more difficult and unlikely.

These missing pieces are NOT particularly difficult to implement – (in fact I already have most of them done for you) and they guarantee the highest likelihood of success.

Without them, though, you may find yourself spinning your wheels.

Having these flaws fixed, though, would see you generating more traffic, with higher conversions, while costing you less… which gives you an edge over even 8-figure super affiliates.

You’d also be guaranteed to make at least 200% ROI – more below…



To start with, I was concerned why Aidan had jumped from eCom into Affiliate Marketing and I grilled him on it… which led to an interesting conversation.


Aidan Update

I was doing (a version of) the 123 Profit model back in 2008 but moved onto content marketing and building out blogs for passive traffic and income; before starting AmpiFire.

And while not a whole lot has changed in principle; it would be short-sighted to ignore the profit opportunity here… and the developments Aidan has made since.

Where I started with “Google Ads and Max Bounty” (not recommended now)… Aidan has developed this so beginners can jump in and see profits even on Day 1, with a virtually untapped traffic source.

If I were a beginner, I’d give this serious consideration as a model to focus on 100% and put every waking hour I had into it… although it really doesn’t take much time.

What Aidan has done, is encapsulate 15+ years of knowledge and experience into a thorough course.

It will shortcut all the mistakes and uncertainty and tell you exactly what to do; as if you were working on Aidan’s team yourself, using his money. So you’re being trained to make money.

And it’s simple.

The trouble is – because it’s so simple, the barriers to entry are lower and competition is higher.

That means lower profits.

The good news is – most affiliates ARE really lazy… they love being able to anonymously cut and paste landing pages and ad campaigns and ‘tap into’ what’s hot.

That’s where the REAL opportunity is found…


If all you did was take a ‘slightly’ longer-term view and ‘plug in’ a few extras you would:

• Generate More Higher Converting Traffic

• Pay Much Less For It And Increase Your Profit Margins

• Make More Offers Profitable To Scale Up Much More


Basically you’ll be able to cast a much wider net and have a much easier time making profit.

Because you’ll be doing just that little bit extra (which is also super simple… but as I said, affiliates are notoriously lazy!)

I still do a version of this today; but using my hyper-targeted free traffic methods.

So I’m going to revisit the 123 Profit method and see how I do 15 years later!


I’ve Decided To Try 123 Profit Out For Myself

I’m genuinely excited to use some of 123 Profit’s traffic methods and combine them with my hyper-targeted free traffic methods. It will be fun to find offers nobody else can make work – and make profit from them every single day!

For the beginner / intermediate – I’d suggest focusing on the course 100% and follow it to the letter.

And if YOU decide to invest in 123 Profit with my & through my link at the bottom of this page…

Then I’m going to provide you ALL the resources, perks and add-ons I’m going to use myself, to maximize my traffic and sales (which I’m expert at) – AND COMPLETELY REVERSE YOUR RISK.

However, due to the sheer amount of time it’ll take me and my team to fulfil this promise, I have to limit the number of people I can deliver this to.

If 100% of people who take this take action, I will lose money on this; since it’ll vastly outweigh any commissions I receive.

I am also counting on the inevitable fact, many people won’t take action (like the trolls online who complain 123 Profit is a scam, but never actually followed the training or asked for help…)

So to be clear; I will receive a commission if you invest in 123 Profit through my link below, and I will use this to offset some of the cost it takes me to fulfill this extension package.


Only 75 2 Left



IMPORTANT: You MUST buy through my link at the bottom of this page to claim this Premium 123 Profit Strategic Extension Package. The commission I receive helps offset the cost of delivering these Perks.

Make Sure You See Code “affiliate = hefs231” At The Bottom Of The Page As You Checkout Through ClickBank Or You Will Not Qualify For This Strategic 123 Profit Extension Package




If you decide to invest in 123 Profit through my link at the bottom of this page (and you see “affiliate = hefs231” at the bottom of the ClickBank checkout page after you click “Add To Cart”) and join me on this exciting new venture – I’ll give you everything I can to boost our profits and ensure you’re guaranteed to make at least a 200% return on your investment.



Element #1 – 4-Figure Profits Guaranteed

Here’s how it’s going to work:

• Immerse yourself in the full course and training

• Take the appropriate action and follow instructions to the letter

• Select your offers and start driving traffic

• Document your progress (to prove you took action)

If you’ve done all that and haven’t made a profit, we will schedule a consultation call to see where we can correct any issues.

If after taking further action to address these issues, you aren’t happy and are still without profit, Aidan will refund 200% your investment back (up to $7,000) – and I will PERSONALLY provide you an additional 100% (up to $3,500) for a total of up to $10,500, which should equal a 200% return on your investment today.

I’m confident enough to do this because I’ve been in business online for 15 years, I know Aidan and I know his methods work – and when combined with MY methods (for Traffic and Trust), they work exceptionally.

I also have an 8-figure software company to back my promise – I have already set the cash aside in a special account.


Element #2 – Our “Boring” Affiliate Traffic Stacking Method

How We Generated $594,183+ Of Hyper-Targeted Traffic For FREE! – $197 Value

You’re going to be able to instantly tap into the highest-converting free traffic opportunities on the internet; using the method I’ve been perfecting since 2008 that’s given me millions of dollars of traffic without paying so much as a penny for ads… the Boring way!

BONUS: Not only will you be able to start driving even more high-converting traffic (for free!) you will ALSO start building trust and making visitors choose to go through you instead of your competition… double win!


Element #3 – Get Your Offer Promoted On Bloomberg &!

Promotion Of Your Winning Offer On The World’s Biggest 8-Figure Traffic News Sites! – $899 Value

Once you have a clear winning product, we’ll get to work on creating a high-converting content ad and get it published on sites like Bloomberg,, Yahoo! Finance, Medium and several more huge sites!

Nothing establishes Instant Overwhelming Trust more effectively than having the world’s more trusted brands publishing content on your offer – this is something almost NO affiliates do! (and they lose out on millions!)


Element #4 – The Ultimate “Done For You” 10-100x Profit Extractor

Effortlessly Add Up To 100x More Revenue In The Hottest Niche – $3,000 Value

I asked my team to do some research to uncover the BIGGEST, HOTTEST and MOST PROFITABLE niche inside the 123 Profit model… and we found it! (Take the course + Get this package to find out!)

I then paid a multiple 7-figure copywriter, who’s responsible for taking multiple brand new products to the top of sales leaderboards… to create a custom funnel for you extract 10-100x more profit.

Simply “Plug & Play” this additional Done-For-You material into your 123 Profit funnel with this niche and see your profits skyrocket.

Once you have it plugged in there’s no additional effort required! This won’t just level the playing field, it will tip the balance in your favour even at 2x the regular profits.


Element #5 – FIVE 6-Figure “Done For You” Evergreen Profit Funnels

Stack $100k Profits In The Biggest Evergreen Niches Online – $15,000 Value

I also paid this renowned and award-winning copywriter to create for you, FIVE more “Plug & Play” funnels you can connect with 123 Profit to target even more evergreen niches, each with EASY 6-figure profit potential.

Rest assured, every visitor you generate using the 123 Profit traffic method (or my Boring FREE affiliate traffic stacking method) stands a chance of making you HUNDREDS of dollars.

If you generated JUST ONE visitor each day, who would generate $300 for you over several months, in each of these funnels (very, very possible)… you’re looking at $547,500 in additional profit.


Element #6 – THREE “Done For You” Mega-Niche Membership Courses

Generate Recurring Revenue & Keep 100% Of The Profits In The Three Big Mega Niches – $3,000 Value

While Aidan advises you start with simply sending traffic to “information only” offers, and building up your profits by promoting more offers and reinvesting to buy more traffic… experience tells me there’s a better long-term plan.

Health, Wealth & Relationships are the widest appeal niches online with billions being spent in each of them every single year – so let’s take a piece of that pie for you! By plugging in these premium done-for-you membership courses, you have an offer of your own, which you can promote to your targeted traffic lists; and keep 100% of the profits!

You can treat this like any other offer, except you can choose how much you make! $97/mo over 6 months… $297 one time, down from $497 or $997… $67/mo in perpetuity? You can make it fit your design and treat it like any other offer.


Element #7 – Exclusive 123 Profit Weekly Training Summaries

Our Key Points From The Training – $5,497 Value

Why would I retain this superstar copywriter for 2 full months and buy him his own access to 123 Profit? So he can go through the training with me and make summaries each week!

I read a lot of book summaries because I get the best 80/20 information in a fraction of the time.

While you absolutely MUST go through the training in full, these summaries will help me and you cement the key points and keep taking action – these will be a great reference to look back on when you need, and perhaps give an insight that’ll help you understand it even better. I will be using these for myself; and I’m going to share them with you.


Element #8 – Bypass Competition with AI Content & Mega-Mini-Site Strategy!

Summary Of My Powerful 2023 7 Figure Traffic Strategy – $2,497 Value

You get early access to my AI Content method that you can use to blow up your 123 Profit strategy, and turn it into a long term business and avoid the competition.

This will be revealed in Q2 of 2023… so after you have finished 123 Profit you are ready for the next step to turn it into a ‘real’ business.


Total Value:



My Premium 123 Profit Strategic Extension Package Is Essential To:

1. Eliminate the risk from your investment in 123 Profit

2. Maximise your traffic, conversions and profits from your 123 Profit campaigns

3. Take your 123 Profit business to the next level when you’re ready

4. Give yourself a critical advantage over even 8-figure super affiliates

5. Guarantee yourself a 200% return on investment when you put the work in!






Only 75 2 Left


IMPORTANT: You MUST buy through my link at the bottom of this page to claim this Premium 123 Profit Strategic Extension Package. The commission I receive helps offset the cost of delivering these Perks.

Make Sure You See Code “affiliate = hefs231” At The Bottom Of The Page As You Checkout Through ClickBank Or You Will Not Qualify For This Strategic 123 Profit Extension Package




See You In There!

Chris Munch





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