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Cash in on a Brand NEW Self Help & Success PLR Launch with 3 Tiers & Earn Up to $175.50 Per Sale!

With any goal in life – whether it’s financial or otherwise – people tend to stall out when a setback occurs and their self doubt takes root. 

This PLR is specifically designed to help your buyers cater to an audience that needs assistance pushing past setbacks and overcoming obstacles due to a lack of self confidence. 

It’s perfect for many different niches – online marketing, weight loss, dating, and more! Any niche that has goal setting and self doubt involved works perfectly for this launch.

Note: This is a special arrangement where Justin Popovic developed the main concept and I created the content  – therefore, he promotes the bundle to his list exclusively Thursday (the 4th) through Sunday and then he agreed to let me open it up for everyone to promote to their lists (including my own) from:

Monday October 8th, 11 A.M. EST to

Friday October 12th, 11:59 P.M. EST

The concept of this launch is to shore up your self image and build confidence in your decisions so that a setback is only a minor blip in the journey, instead of a formidable foe that defeats you and prevents you from achieving your goals. 

Front End: $17 @ 50% Commission

This bundle is a set of four 10-page reports (total of 40 pages) with editable eCovers. They can be merged together into one eBook, broken up into many blog posts or emails, or left as is to serve as a lead magnet series, viral reports or bonuses.

Here’s what they get…

1. Cultivate Success in Spite of Setbacks

This is a 10-page report that covers the following topics:

Are You Looking for an Obstacle-Free Path to Success?
Determine What It Is You Want – and Then Go After It
Expect Obstacles But Don’t Fear Them
Learn How to Take Criticism Well
Identify Your Hardship and Create a Plan to Deal with It
Become Relentless in Your Pursuit of All Goals
Doubt-Proof Your Mind to Ward Off Future Failures

2. Success Is Hiding in Your Self Worth

This is a 10-page report that covers the following topics:

Success Isn’t Based on Superficial Feelings
Some of the World’s Most Shocking Success Stories Should Inspire You
When Someone Says You Can’t, Prove You Can
Be Mindful of Your Decisions to Help Boost Your Success
Your Future Isn’t Anchored to Your Parents’ Past
Put Blinders on If You Need to Move Past Self Doubt to Succeed
Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health to Ensure Positive Self Worth
Are Your Biggest Influencers Helpful or Hurtful?
Learn to Live in the Present and Look to the Future
Extend a Hand to Those Behind You to Boost Your Self Worth

3. You Are Worthy of Personal Satisfaction 

This is a 10-page report that covers the following topics:

 Stop Trying to Pretend You Have to Be Perfect to Deserve Everything
Forgiveness Is a Skill You Have to Master
Believe in the Power of Self-Talk and Your Subconscious Mind
You Help Form Others’ Opinions of You with Self Degradation
How Many Years Have You Wasted Wallowing in Low Self Worth?
Most People Have Never Uncovered Their Personal Gifts
You’re Not Deserving Only When You Reach the Pinnacle of Success
Don’t Look for Approval from Others
Each of Us Is Both Courageous and Intimidated

4. The Power of a Self-Created Image

This is a 10-page report that covers the following topics:

 Everyone Pictures Themselves a Certain Way
Changing Your Self Created Image Is Hard Work
A Self Created Image Can Destroy You or Lift You Up
Low Self Worth Accumulates to Paint an Unflattering Picture of Yourself
If You See Yourself as Weak, Grow Strong
If You See Yourself as Incapable, Become Capable
If You See Yourself as Unlovable, Become Lovable
Don’t Avoid Reality When Developing Your Self Created Image

All of the reports have flat and 3D eCovers with editable PSD files

One Time Offer #1: $37 @ 50% Commission

The first one time offer includes a big bundle of a variety of content totaling 75 brand new pages!

It includes a full eBook, 25 more articles, 2 reports, and 10 product reviews.  

eBook: Achieving Life Goals Under Any Circumstances

Chapter 1: Five Ingredients for Success in Work and Life
Chapter 2: Major Life Changes
Chapter 3: Financial Struggles
Chapter 4: Negative Influences
Chapter 5: Lack of Knowledge
Chapter 6: Continual Failures
Chapter 7: Health Concerns
Chapter 8: Traumatic Past
Chapter 9: Change of Heart
Chapter 10: Intimidating Competition

25 Articles

1. Self Sufficiency Is More Satisfying Than Dependency on Others
2. Find the Reasons You’re Deserving of Success
3. Gain Respect for Yourself If You Want It from Others
4. Learn How to Trust Your Gut Instinct
5. Don’t Let Your Confidence Lead to Complacency
6. Finding Fault in Your Efforts Without Allowing It to Derail You
7. What Makes Someone Worthy of Success?
8. If You’re Disgruntled with Your Situation, Take Control to Change It
9. Build a Life Based on Honor to Enjoy the Ultimate Personal Satisfaction
10. Take Pride in Small Accomplishments to Build a Strong Foundation for Success
11. Your Own Self Esteem Will Determine How Much You Trust Others
12. Fear of Rejection Will Block Your Success
13. Heal Your Self Esteem with a Focus on These 4 Things
14. Employees and Consumers Alike Flock to Confident Leaders
15. Could a Gratitude Journal Give Your Self Esteem a Big Boost?
16. Your Life Goals Aren’t Determined By Fate or Chance
17. Strong Leaders Understand the Concept of Delayed Gratification
18. Feelings Are Born from Thoughts
19. Procrastinators Are Mired in Self Doubt
20. Live an Authentic Life for Personal Satisfaction
21. Perfectionism Kills Productivity
22. The Best Leaders Never Hide From Their Failures
23. Teach Yourself How to Be Assertive to Achieve the Outcome You Desire
24. Have Fun Daydreaming of the Possibilities
25. Your Internal Critic Is a Misguided Attempt at Protecting You 

2 Reports

Report #1: Create a New Bio for Your Life

– You Don’t Have to Be Who You Once Were
– Get Real About Your Strengths and Weaknesses
– Address the Mental Character of Your New Life
– Make a Plan of Action for Your New Behaviors
– Strategize for Your Future as If It Were a Business Plan

Report #2: Getting What You Need and Want in Life

This 5+ page, 2,224-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– The Difference Between Wants and Needs
– Develop a Voice to Get What You Want and Need
– How to Be Assertive without Being Overbearing
– What to Do If You’re Met with a Negative Response
– Becoming Self Reliant Is the Best Form of Personal Satisfaction

10 Product Reviews

These are all self help and success books chosen from Amazon:

1. Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World
2. The Gifts of Imperfection
3. The Courage to Be Disliked
4. Daring Greatly
5. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
6. Self Compassion: The Power of Being Kind to Yourself
7. Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha
8. The Magic of Thinking Big
9. I Heart Me: The Science of Self Love
10. Do it Scared

One Time Offer #2: $297 @ 50% Commission

The second One Time Offer is a very special deal not available to the general public. On my PLR store,, my total PLR membership sells for $497. 

For your buyers, I knock off half the price of the total PLR membership so they’ll never have to purchase PLR from my store again.  

What is the total PLR membership?

It means they get ALL of the existing PLR that’s on my store immediately. AND…they get all PLR that I launch for the store from here on out without ever having to pay anything again. 

I’ve been building my store since 2006, so there are hundreds upon hundreds of packs on a wide variety of niche topics – self help, diet and fitness, pets, relationships, wealth – you name it! 

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Hi {firstname_fix}!

All good leaders know how to do one thing: get their tribe unstuck when faced with obstacles. A new PLR sale has just launched that helps you do just that – regardless of the niche that you’re in.

Tiffany Lambert has just launched a 5-day PLR sale that helps people who struggle with self doubt get past the setbacks and struggles of whatever journey they’re on – whether it’s financial, health-related, or otherwise.


This bundle has a nice personal-professional life slant to it, so it helps people achieve the best of both worlds. They learn how to eliminate self doubt and build confidence so that obstacles are nothing more than a blip in the road as opposed to the boulder that used to prevent them from achieving their goals.

It includes 40 brand new pages of content (10 pages each for 4 new reports) and she also includes editable eCovers you can brand as your own.

She also had a great idea for an upgrade option! When you buy the 4 reports on sale, you get the opportunity to add on a full eBook and 2 more reports, 25 articles and 10 product reviews.

If you choose to upgrade, then you get the option of converting your purchase into a total PLR membership, where you never have to buy PLR from her store again – you get instant access to all past, present and future PLR she puts on her store!

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