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A 3-Part Funnel That Helps Your Subscribers Succeed with the Upcoming New Year’s Diet Resolution Frenzy!

Based on What’s Currently in the News 

Raises to Full Price on November 20th

New PLR Content That Caters to Marketers in These Niches:

Diet and Weight Loss

Exercise and Fitness

Stress Relief


Anti Aging

Diabetes…and more!

Funnel of Brand New Content Designed to Help Your Buyers Get Traffic, Build Brand Loyalty, and Convert Visitors Into Buyers!

Many marketers continue giving the same, stale advice to their readers. If you want to be a cutting edge leader, you have to stay informed and know what’s in the news. This funnel has three parts to it that combine new concepts with sage, traditional advice.

They Can Load the 25 Front End Articles Up to Position Themselves as an Authority Figure

These articles – which they can put on their blog, on social media, or in an email autoresponder series, for example – include information I discovered in the news that’s based on scientific research, budding trends and other emerging advice.  It shows they stay on top of their niche findings.

They Can Use the First OTO to Build a List of Followers, Maintain Contact and Recommend the Best Products

This bundle can either be used as a list building tool or as a product your buyer can sell to their demographic as a course. It comes complete with six reports that they can compile into one resource, an email series, product reviews and social networking engagement content to help them connect to their audience.

They Can Beef Up Their Business Using the Second OTO That’s Full of eBooks, Reports, Product Reviews, Articles and More!

With over 600 pages of content, this bundle is enough to supply a single blog for a couple of years if you posted every day! But the content can be tweaked for emails, to use as list builders or info products, or to simply help boost the profile of your buyer as a niche authority figure.

Details of the Front End Pack:

There are three opportunities for you to make a commission in this funnel. The Front End article pack, the first OTO bundle, which is a pack of six short reports, emails, product reviews and social networking posts – and the existing bundle in the second OTO which includes 17 of my highly relevant PLR packs worth $686 on my store.

Let’s take a look at the 25 Brand New Front End articles, which sell for $12 during launch week (bumping up to full price of $25 after the sale) at a 50% commission:

 Distract Yourself from Mindless Eating
Use Lavender to Prevent Emotional Eating
Gut Health Is Emerging as a Predictor to Obesity
Three Different Doctors Can Help with Your Weight Loss Plan
Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Might Help You Succeed with Weight Loss
Is Keto Giving Carbs a Bad Name?
How Your Brain Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts
Hypnosis Offers Hope to Those Trying to Shed Pounds in 2019
Change Your Fitness Routine This Year to Lose More Weight
Give Yourself an 8-Week Weight Loss Jumpstart
Dirty Keto Becoming More Popular in 2019
Will 2019 Be the Year of the Pioppi Diet?
To Optimize Weight Loss Hone in on Your Sleep Quality
How Beets Are Helping People Lose Weight
Health Apps That Help You Lose Weight
2019 Ushers in the Most Obese Population Ever
How Many Different Methods of Intermittent Fasting Can You Try in 2019?
Aqua Aerobics Can Help Dieters Lose Weight with Less Pain
Your Frequency of Strength Training When Dieting Matters
Eat This Cheese Before Bed to Lose Weight
How Sesame Seeds Can Help You Shed Pounds
Be Competitive to Lose Weight and Get Fit
Scientists Are Studying the Effect of Cold in Helping with Weight Loss
What You Can Learn from Weight Watcher’s New Branding
How Will Life Change for You Once You Lose Weight?

Details of the 1st OTO:

The first one time offer your subscribers will encounter is a set of six short reports, 15 product reviews, 5 emails and 5 social engagement posts (full articles ending with a question of engagement).

Here’s what’s included in the first One Time Offer, a package of 55 pages, which sells for $27 during the launch week and $55 after that, at a 50% commission:

5-Page Report: Bet on Yourself to Win at Weight Loss

This report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. HealthyWage
2. DietBet
3. StickK
4. How Can You bet Against Yourself without Using a Site?

5-Page Report: Eating Healthy When Your Cash and Time Is Limited

This report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. Saving Money, Time and Your Health
2. You Don’t Have to Break Your Budget to Eat Healthy
3. Fresh Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive
4. Turning Your Savings Into Meals
5. Tips for Saving Time and Money So You Can Eat Healthy

5-Page Report: FIT: Visualize Your Way to Weight Loss Through Multi Sensory Imagery

This report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. What Is This New Way to Lose Weight?
2. Why FIT Works for Everyone
3. How to Get Started Using FIT
4. Making FIT Part of Your Lifestyle
5. FIT Teaches Failure Prevention

5-Page Report: Avoid Extreme Dieting in 2019

This report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. Slow Dieting Works Best in the Long Run
2. Good Food Versus Bad Food Causes Cravings
3. Nutritional Sabotage Isn’t Healthy
4. Quality of Life Deteriorates in Extreme Dieting Conditions
5. You Put Your Life at Risk

5-Page Report: More Reasons to Take Charge of Your Weight in 2019

This report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. Obesity Fuels Cancer
2. Being Overweight Develops Into Diabetes
3. Too Much Weight Hurts Your Heart
4. You Can Lose Your Mobility from Too Much Weight
5. Obesity Even Affects Your Mental Health

5-Page Report: How to Go on a Keto Diet as a Vegetarian

This report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. Most Keto Diets Rely Heavily on Meat as a Food Source
2. What Foods Can a Ketotarian Enjoy While Losing Weight?
3. Avoid These Foods to Help You Lose Weight and Feel Great
4. Watch Your Body for Signs of Success
5. How to Re-Introduce Carbs to Your Diet as a Ketotarian

Email Series:

1. Three Nutritional Rules to Help You Lose Weight Consistently
2. Try to Lose Weight Without Dieting in 2019
3. This Will Be the Year of Gut Health for Good Health and Weight Loss
4. To Shed Pounds without Quitting, Shake Up Your Routine Periodically
5. What We’re Still Learning About Weight Loss in 2019

Product Reviews:

1. The Plant Paradox
2. The Obesity Code
3. The Dubrow Diet
4. How to Fight FatFlammation
5. The Fast Metabolism Diet
6. Bright Line Eating
7. Radical Metabolism
8. The Code Red Revolution
9. 10-Day Belly Slimdown
10. The F Factor Diet
11. Trim Healthy Mama Plan
12. Dr. Berg’s New Body Type Guide
13. Delay, Don’t Deny
14. The Oxygen Advantage
15. Always Hungry?

Social Engagement Posts

This is a set of full length articles, but geared to solicit a response on social networking sites – such as within a Facebook group. They can also be used as email posts, blog posts or elsewhere.

1. What’s Your Favorite Drink When Dieting?
2. How Many of You Have Heard of or Done Piloxing?
3. Are You Scared of Weight Loss Hypnosis or Do You Think It’s a Hoax?
4. Should You Switch from Dieting to an Interval Weight Loss Strategy?
5. Could Freezing Nerves Help You Lose Weight? 

Details of the 2nd OTO:

My PLR Mini Mart store is packed with content related to the topic of weight loss and fitness, among other health issues. So I hand picked a set of 17 full packs to bundle up and sell to your buyers for just $1 per PACK instead of $1 per page.

The content sells for $686 on my store, but your buyers get it for just $17 during launch week.  It includes the following packs:

12 Month Diet OTO (Value $72)
12 Month Diet Rotation PLR (Value $60)
2017 Health and Wellness Planning OTO1 (Value $56)
2017 Health and Wellness Planning (Value $39)
Building Muscle Mega PLR Pack (Value $58)
High Blood Pressure Mega Pack (Value $57)
2014 New Year Diet Success PLR Bundle (Value $52)
Diabetes Diagnosis FE (Value $40)
Fitness Motivation OTO (Value $33)
Healthy Kitchen OTO (Value $30)
Protein for Weight Loss Bundle (Value $38)
This Is Why You’re Fat (Value $20)
Meal Prep FE (Value $20)
Meal Prep OTO 1 (Value $33)
Stick to Your Diet (Value $20)
2010 Diet Plan PLR (Value $38)
2018 Best Diets (Value $20)

Swipe Email for Your List:

Subject: Get Ready for the Upcoming Diet Resolution Frenzy!


Hi {firstname_fix}!

As a niche marketer, it’s always a good idea to plan your content on a timely release schedule. That means watching trends to see when topics tend to spike.

Take the diet niche, for example. At no time is it better to target this demographic than just before New Year’s Day. That’s because most people have just spent the holidays indulging, but also planning to make it right by implementing a diet and fitness regimen when the calendar switches to 2019.

Tiffany Lambert likes to release PLR that has a time-based appeal where you get a little over a month to get your content up and indexed before consumers start Googling for information.

She just launched a brand new PLR bundle with 25 articles that you’re going to want for your blog or emails – and they’re based on news articles she researched this month that have the latest scientific information, trends and insight your readers will love!

Plus, it keeps you branded as a cutting edge authority figure.

She has it on a one week sale until November 20th here:


Since I always like to know what else is available, I’ll just share this with you – Tiff has two upgrade opportunities you can decide on. The first one is also a brand new set of content – 55 pages of reports, product reviews, emails and social engagement articles designed to spark a conversation on sites like Facebook.

Her second upgrade option is an enormous bundle of relevant content from her site – 17 packs that sell for $686 on her store, and she’s discounted it over 97% off! It’s enough content to keep your blog buzzing for two years or more, even if you published every single day!

The sale is over in just 7 days, though, so grab it while you can:


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