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“Why Did I Spend $1.5 MILLION Dollars On A Book… (And How Is My Crazy Investment Going To Make YOU Tons Of $$$$$$
(AKA Residual Affiliate Commissions!?!)” 

From: Russell Brunson


If you’re reading this, then it means you’ve been invited to participate in our upcoming “Secrets Of Success” launch.




This is launching a new movement that will pay you long term, residual commissions over time. My last startup we launched (you’ve probably heard of it… ha ha – ClickFunnels, paid out over $100 MILLION in commissions its first 10 years).


This should do similar, and I want YOU to get your part of the $100 million…


And you are here at the beginning… before anyone else even knows about it.  (And YES… I did spend $1.5 MILLION on a book, and we’ll be talking about it a LOT during the pre-launch phase… muhahaha…!) 


“What’s In This Box…?”

Inside of this box is the free gift that you’ll be able to send your subscribers when they join the “Secrets Of Success” membership site. 

I wanted to take a minute and explain to you what these 3 books are… and why they are SO COOL!!!


First – “Think And Grow Rich”


I’m sure that you’re familiar with this book, but this version is special because I had a chance to write a new forward talking about how this book has changed my life. (If you read the forward, it’ll get you SO EXCITED about the book that you’ll probably end up reading it again!) 

Second – “It Will Place You Wherever You Wish To Be Among Men”


This is a book that hasn’t been published since 1919…!  I have the ONLY remaining copy, and it’s amazing! (You can see the original in the pic!) Napoleon Hill sold it for $50 back in 1919 (the equivalent of over $3,500 today!) I got the rights to republish this book and so YOUR SUBSCRIBERS will be the FIRST humans on earth to ever read it!!! 

Third – “Secrets Of Master Salesmenship”


Don’t you LOVE how Napoleon titled things!?!  I was given the manuscripts from the Napoleon Hill Foundation for a book that was never published about sales!  It was SO GOOD that I got rights to be able to also include it in this offer!

So, that is what you hold in your hands! 3 of the greatest books every written… one that was lost to time, and one that has never seen the light of day! 


How Is This Different… For YOU!?!

We are not looking for you to do a quick promotion, and it is over. We’re looking to become partners with you as we launch and grow this fantastic community of “Round Pegs in Square Holes…”  (This will make more sense when you watch the launch campaigns… ha ha) 


Again, this is NOT a normal affiliate program. 


First – we are paying YOU 40% LIFETIME residual commissions!


Second – we are paying out TWO-TIER, so when your members refer others, you’ll get paid 10% LIFETIME residual commissions on all of those sales!!!


Mark These Dates On Your Calendar

There are some VERY important dates that you need to be aware of. Those who will benefit the MOST from this will be those who pay close attention to these dates: 


Phase #1: Recruit Your 2nd Tier 

You have a small window right now where you can refer affiliates to this exact same page, and when they promote during the launches, you will get paid 10% lifetime commission on all of their sales!  You can start promoting this page on September 19th, 2023.


Phase #2: The M.I.F.G.E. Launch… (October 19th)


Our first launch is for the “Secrets Of Success,” M.I.F.G.E. (Most Incredible Free Gift Ever)! You will be able to send all of your subscribers this box you just opened for FREE!! (They just cover the costs of shipping) and they will also get a 30-day FREE trial to the “Secrets Of Success” membership site! After 30 days, they’ll be billed $97 a month for as long as they want to stay a member, and you’ll make almost $40 PER MONTH PER MEMBER!!! 

** We have some really fun, unique things we’ll be doing in the funnel as well, that should increase your cart value high enough that you should be able to profitably buy ads to promote the free trial and still be profitable on DAY 1!!!  

So… block out October 19th – 26th on your promotional calendar to give away as many MIFGE’s as possible! 


**For our Top 10 Affiliates, we are planning a Secret Mastermind Experience at a place that will blow your mind!!


What To Do Next…? 

Step #1 – Join The Affiliate Program and Get On The JV List here:


Step #2 – Connect With Justin Benton To Answer Any Questions AND To Make Sure You Have Everything You Need To Build Up This New Residual Income Stream In Your Business!!!  


[email protected]

(208) 268-8283


Thanks again!

Russell Brunson

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