Big Launch
Vendor:Ricky Mataka
Launch Date:2016-Jun-20
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $997
JV Page:
Affiliate Network:JVZoo 
40K Up For Grabs (Not Your Normal Launch)

Ive been doing a lot of thinking.. usually
for a launch, we have a prelaunch sequence
to the sales page, leads contest and that
7 day launch hype close stuff..

Well I decided it was not right for Commercify.

I decided that the ones who really want to
promote are going to have to educate there
customer and show them an amazing opportunity
without just sending out to pre hype sales
pages.. so we went a webinar route with this
and you may be sup prized that there is really
no 11AM sales page to send to??

Wha? Huh? look we have a 249K webinar on hands
and thats after 3 runs with 2 partners.

We have over 30 people making money with commercify
1 guy broke 1K on his stores already and people
making money in 72 hours… (unreal)

I could not ask for better results.

See 9 months ago me and Nishant set out to make an
amazing platform that would cut through the hype and
show people a way to make money with ecommerce and
we got students who never made sales before making
there 1st sale with us.

We proved how anybody, that follows us can make money
using our system. We also made a killer monstrous value
added webinar prelaunch sequence that is converting @ 70%

Yes 70%

So here is the deal, this is not your normal launch.

We only want people that want to get their crew on
a webinar where we can educate, amaze and change lives
with the confidence they need.

If thats you. We need you to do a few things.

1) Webinar slots are filling up fast. So email
and ill let you know what we have left.. over 14 people are already
on board for times 2,5 and 8PM EST over the next 2 weeks (june 20th to july 4th)
and  I can’t guarantee a spot will be open for long..

I sent out an FB post the other day that a prime spot was opened
due to a schedule change and 5 minutes later it was taken.

This is only going to be for 2 weeks, we have already made people
6 figures with the beta promotion .. so we are getting the word
out to the JV community that if you are in the ecom and
on demand space, this will not only be profitable for you
but profitable for your followers. We already proved it.

2) We are using Zaxxa for this.. so here is how to request your

3 Pay Link

Full Pay Link

This is a high ticket.

Here is a short video on how to do this

We have 40K up for grabs this next 2 weeks, so go to

for full details. The swipes and sequences are custom per
partner and there is a lot of personal attention in setup.

So like I said this is nothing you will be able to just
through some traffic to a sales page and be done with it

We want to not only amaze your crowd, but take care of you
and them in a special red carpet kind of way.

So again, 12 spots out of like 25 are already token
including some BIG names.. and I want to make you 6 figures
plus help some people at the same time.


If you DO NOT want to run it as a webinar, please STILL
contact me cause we need to set you up as a 3 day private
promo which i will personally work with you on

SO If your interested email

Hope to see you on board


PS here is the post if you want to comment about it

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