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Vendor:Fresent LLC
Product:Mutant Mail
Launch Date:2022-Jan-15
Launch Time:12:00 EST
Front-End Price: $72
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Gamechanger Email Management Solution for Individuals, Small Business owners, Hustlers & Entrepreneurs.

Help Your Subscribers manage All of their Domain’s Emails easily.

Hey, it’s Fresent LLC, the USA-based company with our latest and most innovative SaaS product yet.

We are surprised that Individuals, Small Business owners, Hustlers, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs, that don’t have a dedicated team, log in to each of their Domain’s email id daily to check, reply and send emails.

Each Domain minimum needs 5 email ids (webmaster, admin, legal, contact, and support). Imagine, if you have a site on just 5 domains, that’s 25 email ids to monitor and reply to daily.

And if you do not reply in time, getting your customer pissed is the least of your worries. In fact couple of months back 3 hosting servers of Fresent LLC were shut down for 12 hours because we failed to reply to a DMCA complaint within 18 hours.

Yeah, we live in an era where you need to respond fast, and logging into every domain’s email id doesn’t work if you don’t have a dedicated email team. Guess what, we own 25 working and active domains.

That’s where Mutant Mail comes in. Mutant Mail ( is a service that makes Send, Reply and Receive of your domain emails a breeze.
With Mutant Mail, you can reply all your domain emails from any inbox (let’s say Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any else).
Simply hit reply and your email will go to destination receiver via your domain, and will not show your Gmail id.
It’s the only server side solution to control all your domain emails in one place.

It’s a mind blowing solution, and has potential to blow up very fast in market, as there is no server side solution to avoid hassle of logging into each email id of your domain everyday. You don’t need to remember individual credentials for email ids. Heck, you can create new email ids for your domains, right from Gmail.

Mutant Mail is a complete Unique Solution, and only Server Side solution to help growing individuals and business.

So, get your subscribers ready, get your mailing list ready, your ads ready. We are going in completely fueled up on 15th of Jan 2022.


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And watch Cash rolling in on launch.

-Team Fresent LLC

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