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Vendor:Misan Morrison et al
Launch Date:2024-Apr-26
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $37
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Greetings Super Affiliates – Misan Morrison Here!

I’m thrilled to be back with the launch of AIViraLeads on Friday, April 26th.  I’ve created a smart A.I viral lead app that solves an important need in the marketplace, and tested it out myself on a live campaign to generate amazing results. 

Check it all out here: 

> Launch date: Friday, April 26th @ 11 AM EST

Prelaunch Webinars:

> Thursday, April 25th @ 2PM EST

> Friday, April 26th @ 10AM

This is something BRAND NEW that your subscribers will LOVE. You can bank up to a whopping $395 per customer PLUS claim your share of our $7k+ cash bonus pool.

What we’ve put together has the power to generate a steady stream of HOT, targeted leads in any niche that you can quickly turn into profit without paid ads or creating endless organic content.

It’s not a loophole…

It’s not an exploit or hack…

It’s not something that will work today and stop working tomorrow…

We’ve Leveraged The Power of Artificial Intelligence to Create The World’s 1st Smart Lead-Getting App That Is Proven To Make It Easier Than Ever To Create Lead Funnels Givingaway eBooks In Any Niche That Triggers a Viral Loop To Grow Your List…

The exciting part is that…

It creates lead magnets of high quality that people REALLY want.

The quality is so good that you could sell this lead magnet all on its own, but it’s so much more powerful to GIVE IT AWAY for FREE…

That’s because the only way to fully UNLOCK all the pages of the premium lead magnet is to SHARE it. This unique approach not only encourages sharing but also provides your subscribers with a valuable incentive to share the lead magnet on their social networks.

It doesn’t take long, and it gets shared over and over again…

…and then it goes VIRAL!

Introducing AIViralLeads – it’s an easy-to-use app that makes it easier than ever to create a viral lead campaign in minutes.

It doesn’t require any technical skills…

No prior experience is needed…

AIViralLeads is entirely built around SHARING for ACCESS which means every time your lead magnet is shared, you get more and more leads and this goes viral very quickly…

We’ve personally used this powerful AI-powered app to create multiple lead campaigns, and one of our recent campaigns was in a brand new niche that quickly went viral generating a never-ending supply of HOT leads that are so easy to monetize.

>> Check out the results we’re getting with AIViralLeads on the JV Page here

But we aren’t the only ones getting results…

We’ve tested AIViralLeads with a group of beta testers that have been able to replicate our results starting from scratch.

This powerful app comes loaded with ‘done for you’ campaign templates that are designed to quickly go viral and generate highly targeted traffic and leads.

The traffic and leads generated are highly targeted…

They keep coming once they start…

The leads convert like crazy for pretty much any kind of offer you can think of so AIViralLeads is PERFECT for ALL list types!

Please mark your calendars for Friday, April 26th at 11:00 AM EST for this groundbreaking launch that’s going to finally give your subscribers the advantage they need to make this year their best year ever.

We’re going above and beyond to make this launch MASSIVE!

The AIViralLeads sales funnel is loaded with top-quality upsells that your subscribers will absolutely love, so when you promote AIViralLeads to your subscribers, you can make over $1,100 from just 3 customers!

And because our #1 goal is to help you make as much money on your promotion as possible, we’ve spared no expense with the creation of our sales funnel by hiring a 7-figure copywriter and world-class designer.

Plus, AIViralLeads is a first-to-market software tool that has a no-brainer price tag with no monthly fee for your subscribers, so we expect DOUBLE DIGIT conversions!

Here’s what you need to do right now…

Click here NOW to watch our demo video, learn more about our deep funnel, and register to get your affiliate links and promo tools!

We appreciate your support, and look forward to seeing you on Friday, April 26th at 11:00 AM EST for the AIViralLeads launch! 

Have a great one!

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