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Vendor:Michelle Bybel
Product:The Natural Thyroid Solution PLR List Building Bundle
Launch Date:2017-Jan-31
Launch Time:08:00 EST
Front-End Price: $7
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Hey! I am back with another huge health and wellness launch. This is one is focused on healing your thyroid – specifically hypothyroidism.  Just two main keywords generate 1 million searches per month and they are low competition!

Launch Date: Tuesday 1/31/17 – 7 day sale

This pack will include a Front End $7 100% commission, OTO 1 $27 50% commission, OTO 2 $17 50% commission.

FE: The Natural Thyroid Solution PLR List Building Bundle   $7  100% Commission

E-Book: The Natural Thyroid Solution: Heal Your Thyroid To Eliminate Stubborn Fat, Fatigue, GI Problems, and Physical/Emotional Pain 6170 words, 19 pages

Report: Using Nutrition to Heal Your Thyroid: The Best and Worst Foods For Thyroid Health 2101 words, 7 pages

E-Course: 10 Day E-Course, total word count = 6045

Day 1: What is the function of the thyroid gland?  (545 words)

Day 2: The impact of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism on your health  (635 words)

Day 3: Important thyroid tests you should be aware of    (554 words)

Day 4: How does the immune system impact thyroid health (589 words)

Day 5: Is Adrenal Fatigue real?  (571 words)

Day 6: Discover the best foods to heal your thyroid (669 words)

Day 7: Discover the best supplements for thyroid and adrenal health (651 words)

Day 8: Discover the best holistic approaches to heal your thyroid (603 words)

Day 9: Heal your thyroid and slim down with liver cleansing (568 words)

Day 10: Simple daily steps to heal your thyroid (660 words)

Tweets: 15 Tweets (303 words)

OTO1: The Natural Thyroid Solution 30-Day System    $27    50% Commission

 E-Book: The Natural Thyroid Solution: 30-Day Heal Your Thyroid Diet Plan 70+ recipes, 17,723 words, 106 pages

 Bonus Recipe E-Book: The Natural Thyroid Solution: Easy and Delicious Vegan Recipes To Heal Your Thyroid  20+ recipes, 4288 words, 25 pages

Optin Report: Healing Your Thyroid for Weight Loss, Increased Energy and Optimal Health 3455 words, 15 pages, 7 Thyroid Healing Recipes

Workbook: 4-Week Heal Your Thyroid Workbook, 4653 words, 30 pages

Bonus Report #1: Heal Your Thyroid With Exercise  2404 words, 10 pages

Bonus Report #2: The Top Holistic Approaches To Healing Your Thyroid 2724 words, 8 pages

Bonus Report #3: Using Essential Oils to Help Heal Hypothyroidism  2232 words, 6 pages

Bonus Report #4: 14 Aruyvedic Herbs To Heal Hypothyroidism 1789 words, 5 pages

Mp3 Meditation: 20-Minute Guided Meditation on Healing Your Thyroid; written and recorded by a trained hypnotherapist

 Tweets: 30+ Tweets  590 words

Keyword Research: Professionally done keyword research, includes 3 reports

OTO2:  Heal Your Adrenal Glands     $17  50% Commission

 Ebook: The 7 Day Adrenal Detox Plan  6838 words, 40 pages, 28 recipes

 Report #1: Heal Your Adrenal Glands Naturally 2789 words, 9 pages

Report #2: Eliminate Stress to Heal Your Thyroid and Adrenal Glands  2029 words, 5 pages

 Fillable PDF: Stress Reduction Check List, Beautifully designed daily stress relief check-in to help remind clients to use their coping skills

 Tweets: 20+ Adrenal fatigue tweets  461 words

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