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Vendor:Mark Hoverson et al
Product:Solomon Club
Launch Date:2015-Aug-24
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $67
JV Page:
Affiliate Network:JVZoo 
Niche:SEO & Traffic 


 BRAND NEW LAUNCH! Date: 08/24/15. Time: 11:00am EST.

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Collect Up To $516 Per Lead, INCLUDING Up To $344-Per-Month Residual Earnings On Monthly Renewals!

Plus The Obligatory $10,000 Competition For Best Sellers & Speediest Sellers.

Our launches consistently get $3, $5, $7+ EPCs.
That’s waaayyyyy too much money for some people to wrap their heads around 🙁
But hopefully you’re not one of them!!! Because we’re about to QUADRUPLE our regular commission payout!!!

Old payout structure: 50%. New payout structure: 200%.

 That’s a 4-fold increase, and it’s all for you. 

Dear JVZoo Affiliate:

My name is Vas Blagodarskiy, and in 2014, I was introduced to Mark Hoverson.

But like most people who meet Mark, I didn’t meet him directly at first.

I met him through a mutual acquaintance, a guy named Nicolo.

Nicolo was one of a dozen of Mark’s apprentices, in an underground mastermind for young adults.

Like Nicolo, I, too, struggled to make money online.

Mark, being the miracle that he is, changed all of that for us.

Let me explain.

While I’m eternally grateful to Nicolo for the introduction, the story of The “Solomon Club” has nothing to do with him, and everything to do with Mark.

Mark Hoverson is an 8-figure marketer.

He lives in Arizona with his beautiful wife and kids.

He is a super successful personal development coach, a business consultant, and a good friend to people who try.

Mark’s thing is passion; he once told me, “those who are unwilling to try, will never get ahead in life.”

(He CAN’T STAND people who are unwilling to take action!)

That is why he only surrounds himself with like-minded leaders.

Which is why it came to me as a COMPLETE SHOCK when I found out that he hasn’t launched his content on JVZoo yet.

I saw an opportunity, so we hopped on a Skype call, and the rest is history. Well, actually, you’re looking at the result of that Skype call, right now!

Was it one of the most important Skype calls in JVZoo history?

By the time you finish reading this page, you will know the answer, my dear affiliate friends.

Let me be clear about one thing:

Mark’s content is mind-bending,
genuine, and all around awesome.

So, what IS his content? And why will your subscribers fall in love with the life-changing ideas that they are yet to discover?

Here are just some of Mark’s past launches – which we will be bringing over to the JVZoo community, later on this year and next year (but only after we launch The “Solomon Club” debut, aka the page you’re reading right now) –


Mark is seeking out 5-star affiliates who will work diligently & passionately on this promo.

Currently, Mark is testing the JVZoo community to see if there is an opportunity to bring these launches to your subscribers.

If that is the case, and if the JVZoo community passes his test, then you will be making TONS of commissions – both instant and residual – for many months to come.


Because Mark’s info products sell like hot cakes.

It’s no wonder he’s such a stud:

So the question becomes:

Do you want to join his fast-growing team of JVZoo affiliates?

Because if you do, this is the day.

This is the moment like no other – when a power player from outside of JVZoo enters the community.

Giving YOU the most opportune moment IN MARK’S ENTIRE LIFE to make a favorable impression on him.

Meanwhile, you will collect a 4- or 5-figure payday from running his offer to your subscribers.

We’ll even show you how, if you’ve never gotten a check that large before.

AND, you get a chance to earn one of many cash prizes in his $10,000 affiliate bonus pool.

AND, even get a chance to MEET MARK HOVERSON, in person, over a conveniently scheduled weekend, at a private resort out in AZ or CA (which he will happily pay for – if you agree to cover the cost of your flight, he will hook you up with the hotels, meals, exciting masterminds… EVERYTHING).

Read on…


About the product:

Here are the details regarding The “Solomon Club”

By promoting this product, you will be giving your subscribers their own ‘Pre-Built’ business in a box.

This training, complete with action guides, and their own product that they can sell, will allow your lists to continue to buy form your affiliate links, because they will always have money to spend with you.

With that power, they will be buying through your affiliate links forever. Is that worth your effort to promote this one launch to your lists? If so, then keep reading:

They will discover the power to recruit, to make sales, and to INFLUENCE people like they never thought was possible.

They will also learn to bypass the hassle of guessing whether or not the market will care about their launch. Instead, they will use a proven formula, plus a working campaign that is 100% guaranteed to be successful.

Combined, these two components – a launch formula, plus a guaranteed product – will enable your subscribers to learn all about what work. Exactly what makes people eagerly pull out their credit cards and happily buy their info product.


The upsells are going to completely blow their mind – because the value is too much to pass up – so imagine what your lists will accomplish with all this PROVEN knowledge!!!



About the funnel:

The funnel is simple, yet brilliant:




The “Solomon Club” Membership

  • Price: $17 → $27
  • You earn: 50%
  • Dimesale? YES
  • Offer starts: 8/24/15
  • Offer ends: 8/28/15
The “Solomon Club” VIP Offer

  • Price: $67
  • You earn: 50%
  • Dimesale? NO
  • Offer starts: 8/24/15
  • Offer ends: 8/28/15
The “Solomon Club” Continuity Mastermind

  • Price: $197 / mo
  • You earn: 50%
  • Dimesale? NO
  • Offer starts: 8/24/15
  • Offer ends: 8/28/15




Make Up To $13.50 Per Lead Make Up To $33.50 per Lead Make Up To $98.50/Mo

No tricks. No gimmicks. Just a seamless, effortless, no-brainer funnel that your lists will love.


Once you hit a new level, as determined by the number of front-end copies sold, you will be bumped, plus you will get the difference from your previous sales, on Monday, August 3, 2015.  That way, you get paid TOP DOLLAR – the highest possible commissions – on ALL FE SALES you bring in!


Product review:

You have no idea how quickly Mark’s wisdom will touch the hearts and the minds of your subscribers.

So to give you an idea, we decided to release this sample video, which is just a tiny portion of what they’re going to discover (NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE WHOLE PRODUCT, but only a portion)


About the contest:

Grand Total Of $10,000 In Bonus Prizes!

Regular $5,000 Prize Pool For Best Sellers,
PLUS An Extra $5,000 In Speed Incentives

All of your sales count – not just the Front End sales – and with the high conversion rate on the OTOs that our beautiful pages will get us, you will out-pace your competitors in no time at all!



To Your Success,

Mark Hoverson


& Vas Blagodarskiy


Skype: vas.b92


P.S.: Only time will tell the answer to this question… so, was that one Skype call, which I mentioned in the beginning, actually one of JVZoo’s most important Skype calls in history? Will YOU make yourself a part of that history by joining us on August 28, 2015, at 11am EST? The choice is yours! All I can tell you is that this offer is going to convert like gangbusters and we can’t wait to see you on board!!!

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