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Vendor:Jani G Money
Product:Key to Freedom
Launch Date:2020-Jul-12
Launch Time:09:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $1497
Affiliate Network:Clickbank 

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  We have postponed the JV launch so we can focus on our current BETA TEST group of internal students who have joined our pre launch BETA program. We will open up for the Official JV launch once our Beta test group and case study is complete. We’ve decided to focus on our current students to get them AMAZING results first before we officially launch. Please get in touch with Jani and his team to stay up to date on the official launch date. If you’d like to join the beta program in the mean time let us know.


Jani G (the guy who gave away a $400k ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM a few years ago…)  reveals how to make up to $10,000 PER DAY easily and effortlessly, with a new unheard of predictable method that has actually been around since 1992!

It’s Called – PAID ON ACTION

in 7 days $47k profit came in from a NON IM offer using a new traffic source

…And it is what Jani G Money originally discovered when he was in $346,221 of DEBT which he owed to the government…and had less than 60 days to pay it off to avoid losing his and his families home! He Had No Choice But to Find A Way To Make Over $350k FAST!…and Unlock his KEY to Freedom!

He managed to discover something called PAID ON ACTION, which is an unknown method that only a small group of those ‘in the know’ have been using to make millions every single month with.

…And was able to use this system, to not only pay of the $346,221 of DEBT he owed to the government, but to unlock a continuous , predictable and stable $10,000 PER DAY income stream that requires no more than 30 minutes per day to maintain.

And now Jani’s mission is to teach this with as many people as possible, to help them become free.

The reason this system works so well is because you get PAID ON ACTION, when someone clicks a button on a page known as a ‘Profit Unlocker’, 90 seconds after, you get paid anywhere between $31 – $45 which gets added to your POA account which gets deposited to your bank every week.

NO ONE Is teaching this because quite frankly, not many people outside of the paid traffic space knows about this!

It’s something that the fake ‘Gurus’ have never heard of… which he’s now made Millions  with, WITHOUT selling anything… by directing low cost traffic OUTSIDE of Facebook , that gets multiple $31 – $45 payments…90 Seconds after someone CLICKS on a button on a ‘profit unlocker’ page…

Its predictable, dependable, reliable and scalable.

It has and will always be around.

NO ONE knows about this. and Jani yet again has managed to ‘crack’ the code to getting ridiculous amounts of money from this easy to implement method…

AND NOW, Jani Reveals this  system to the public  in his NEW 6 WEEK program called KEY to FREEDOM.

ITS NOT CHEAP – This will be sold for no less than $1,497 to keep the non serious OUT. and only let the serious and dedicated executors IN.

Jani has not ‘launched’ a product in 3 years because he has been mastering this system.

And the ONLY reason Jani has decided to release this system, is because after attending Anik Singal’s high level mastermind, multiple people told Jani that he NEEDS to share this with the world to help a bunch of people become free. Hence, the KEY TO FREEDOM!

This is the LAST ‘launch’ Jani will be doing, as he will be focusing on  mentoring his students whilst scaling up his PAID ON ACTION campaigns…

Jani has been known for his controversial but ethical methods, by ‘unlocking’ profit using his cutting edge method.

More info coming soon!

This will CHANGE the lives of many people, so if you are a JV with a list of motivated people, please get in touch via Facebook for now, with either myself or my JV Manager John Halpin at the links below, and we will give you more information

This is an invite only launch and we have to MANUALLY approve JV’s

So to be a part of this huge launch which we expect to do $millions in sales knowing that our CONFIRMED High profile JV’s can bring the heat, let us know if you want more information as this is INVITE ONLY.

btw we are giving you life changing prizes >

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