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Vendor:James Renouf et al
Product:Exclusive Ecom
Launch Date:2017-Jan-29
Launch Time:10:00 EST
Front-End Price: $47-$197
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Affiliate Network:JVZoo 

Boy do I have something incredible for you. I have teamed up with Jay Slomba to bring to you a revolutionary tool that is only available to you because you are on my list.

As you may have known Jay and I have been working for months selling licensed products. Jay is an absolute guru when it comes to this stuff.

After the release of our first two products on selling licensed products we listened to all of the feedback from our buyers. We made a decision. We are going to give you access to something that solved all of the potential issues that someone had from succeeding online in the Ecom game. That is a big statement and it is true.

The timing could not be better than it is right now. With Chinese new year coming up good luck trying to get anything done with Chinese manufacturers.

You are not going to believe what we have for you and again it is exclusive to you.

There are several parts to this.

#1. You are going to get access to a private shopify app that is not available to the general public. Only “our people” can use this.

The app is crazy. First of all you get a one click install to your shopify store. (If you don’t have a shopify store keep reading as it gets even more nuts).

With this app you have access to over 25,000 fully licensed products ready to sell INSTANTLY on your store.

There is nothing tedious to it. Once you have the app installed people can buy your licensed products and everything is taken care of for you. It is fully drop shipped first of all. It is completely hands off.

All tracking numbers are automatically sent to you and your shopify store. Order tracking numbers are provided and sent to your customers directly
We are talking billion dollar brands like Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, name brand movies and television shows and much much more.

No need to buy products up front. Only profit.

All of the hastle has been taken out of it.

You just drive the traffic and the rest is taken care of. Set it and forget.

Even though that is killer check this out. What if you don’t have a shopify store? What if you want to treat ecom like it was cpa without having to get your own domain!

Here is the deal. With this system that is exclusive to our buyers you can have a link just like a cpa offer and get paid when an item is sold. It is our direct campaign platform. With built in scarcity and features like strike through pricing it gets people to buy fast and often. Jay did over $1,800 in just 4 days using this tool.

For example imagine you posted on social media about this cool shirt you picked up. You just show the link that the system automatically creates for you. When people buy it you get paid. It is as simple as that! No need for a store and no need for setup.

Imagine posting about your cool shirt or robe or any of the thousands of products you will now have access to in a relevant facebook group or youtube video. Do you think people might check it out? Of course they will. It is like the best of cpa and ecom had a baby and you get the best of both worlds. Use free or paid traffic.

People see the unique fully licensed products that they love and they buy it. You didn’t have to come up with the products, you didn’t have to buy any inventory, and you didn’t have to fulfill any of it. All you do is drop a link and get paid. No shopify store needed!

Again this is only available to those that buy this course. This has never been available in the ecom world before where something is so hands off.

You will not want to miss “Exclusive Ecom” dropping this Sunday at 10:00 am. I will email you tomorrow with more information.

This is crazy hot and you don’t want to miss it. If you have never made a dime online before this is an absolutely incredible opportunity. If you have been in the Ecom game you will know that to have fully licensed products that are drop shipped and handled for you with the click of a button in Shopify is amazing. To have access to over $25,000 licensed products from the U.S.A. in a shopify app? Yes that is right.

For those that don’t want to use a Shopify store you can get a link in a second to push out to the world however you want. Someone buys the item you get paid directly to your paypal. It doesn’t matter your level as a marketer as this is so easy and effective. You can be from anywhere in the world to do this. No restrictions!!!

Come join us Sunday. You will tell me this is the most cutting edge Ecom development you have seen this year bar none!

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