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Vendor:Brent A. Phillips
Product:Affiliate Oxygen
Front-End Price:$397
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Affiliate Network:JVZoo 

Partner with an AI/Data Scientist who specializes in marketing!

Brent and his company, Succulent Data, have clients all over the globe. In several of his clients’ industries, he probably drives more leads than any other lead producer around. Brent has just released his first master course called Affiliate Oxygen. It teaches, in exact detail, how to set up a passive income-generating online machine using the latest cutting-edge AI. Valuable software needed to build the machine is also included.

In the future, Brent will create courses that are even “techier” in nature but are still understandable to non-techies. The vast majority of marketers, of course, know very little about tech and can’t fully leverage the AI revolution that’s upon us. By closely partnering with an AI scientist, you’ll be an affiliate who knows all the best ways to monetize artificial intelligence… As Brent is fond of saying, the reality is that either you use AI or it will use you.

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