Event:Savant eCommerce Toronto
Location/City:Toronto, Canada
Price to Attend:£625

Savant eCommerce Toronto 2023 is an upcoming event focused on digital change and competitiveness in the Nordic e-commerce environment. It gathers senior executives from top retailers to discuss strategies, technology, and sustainability in e-commerce.

Savant eCommerce Toronto 2023 is an event organized by Savant, known for its eComm events in Europe.
The event is set for June 12-13, 2024, and aims to explore affordable and sustainable strategies to engage customers and build loyalty.
It targets 140+ e-commerce, CX, digital marketing, loyalty, and CRM leaders from leading Canadian brands and retailers.
The event features inspirational keynotes, panels, and roundtables covering various practical takeaways and cutting-edge tech in e-commerce.
Attendees will learn about personalizing messaging, connecting with customers, optimizing omnichannel strategies, sustainability, outstanding customer experience, innovation, and more.
Benefits include networking opportunities, with 12+ hours of content and 11+ hours dedicated to networking.
Attendees include 140+ senior e-commerce professionals and 30+ industry-leading speakers.
Savant eCommerce Toronto is open to various sectors, including fashion, consumer electronics, luxury goods, and more.
The event focuses on discussions and does not allow participation or reporting by journalists or media companies.
The job titles of attendees range from C-LEVEL to TEAM LEAD & MANAGER.
Top brands will be present, and key topics include omnichannel strategy, customer experience, personalized messaging, and sustainability.
The advisory board and confirmed speakers include professionals from notable companies.
Testimonials praise the event’s insights and networking opportunities.
Bookings for the event can be made online or by phone.
The event will take place at Arcadian Loft in Toronto.
Travel and accommodation are not covered by Savant Events, so attendees are advised to book early.
Contact information for inquiries is provided, including email and phone.
The event is organized by Savant Events Ltd., registered in England & Wales.

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