Event:Savant eCommerce: New York
Location/City:New York, NY
Price to Attend:$775

Savant eCommerce New York 2024 is a highly anticipated event tailored for senior executives in the retail industry, offering valuable insights into digital transformation and maintaining competitiveness within the Nordic e-commerce landscape. Here’s an expanded summary:

– Savant eCommerce New York 2024 is a prestigious conference scheduled for July 17-18, 2024, exclusively designed for senior executives in the retail sector.
– The event represents a significant milestone in Savant’s journey, capitalizing on over a decade of experience in organizing bespoke e-commerce events in Europe.
– It seeks to harness the immense growth potential of the U.S. e-commerce market, which is expected to maintain double-digit growth in the coming years.
– Attendees can expect a wealth of knowledge and practical takeaways from the event, with a diverse range of sessions, including inspirational keynotes, dynamic panel discussions, and interactive roundtable sessions.
– An essential focal point of the event is to illuminate the cutting-edge technologies and strategies that should form the core of e-commerce strategies in 2023 and beyond.
– Savant eCommerce New York 2023 is set to draw in over 140 senior executives representing key areas like eCommerce, Customer Experience (CX), Omnichannel, Loyalty, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), Digital Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
– The event aims to guide participants in delivering on-demand, customer-centric, sustainable, and profitable delivery models while enhancing customer experiences to drive conversions.
– Sustainability is a key theme, encouraging attendees to embed sustainability at the heart of their business strategies without compromising profit margins.
– The event promotes the optimization of omnichannel strategies, fostering seamless customer journeys across various touchpoints to boost overall satisfaction.
– Leveraging social media to enhance customer loyalty and crafting innovative marketing campaigns to personalize messaging for increased engagement are other core topics.
– Attendees are encouraged to explore and implement the latest technologies and best practices to revolutionize their brands and businesses.
– With a roster of over 90 retailers and brands, Savant eCommerce New York 2023 offers a comprehensive platform for networking, featuring 12+ hours of content and 11+ hours of dedicated networking opportunities, including design thinking formats and an evening drinks reception.
– The event boasts a balanced 75:25 ratio, ensuring a fruitful experience for both vendors and retailers, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
– Savant eCommerce caters to a broad spectrum of sectors, including fashion, consumer electronics, luxury goods, homeware, beauty, food, travel, and entertainment.
– It welcomes pure-player and omnichannel retailers, as well as B2B and B2C retailers, creating a diverse and enriching environment for industry experts and thought leaders.
– The event places a premium on candid and open discussions, reflected in its policy of excluding journalists and media companies from participation or reporting on discussions.
– Attendees represent various job titles and companies of varying annual turnovers, ensuring a holistic perspective on e-commerce trends and challenges.
– Key themes for discussion encompass optimizing omnichannel strategies, crafting innovative and personalized marketing campaigns, implementing customer-centric and sustainable delivery models, enhancing customer experiences, prioritizing sustainability, leveraging social media for customer loyalty, and adopting the latest tech and practices for business innovation.
– The event has received accolades from previous attendees, who highlight the valuable insights and networking opportunities it provides.
– Booking options are available both by phone and online, catering to the convenience of participants.
– Savant eCommerce New York 2023 also offers sponsorship opportunities for interested parties, with contact details provided for inquiries.
– For any questions related to speaking opportunities, sponsorship, attendance, or marketing, the event organizers can be reached via email.
– Savant eCommerce New York 2023 is organized and hosted by Savant Events Ltd., serving as a premier platform for industry professionals to remain at the forefront of e-commerce trends and innovations.

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