Event:Converge Africa
Location/City:Cape Town, South Africa
Price to Attend:R8,595

🌍 Converge Africa is a leading digital commerce conference and exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa, focusing on accelerating digital commerce growth.
💡 The event encompasses various sectors: Retail & E-commerce, Payments & Fintech, Fulfilment & Logistics, Cybersecurity, and Digital Marketing.
🗣️ Converge Africa aims to promote collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and partnerships among professionals in e-commerce, fintech, payments, cybersecurity, logistics, and digital marketing.
🎤 The conference features expert speakers, innovative exhibits, extensive networking opportunities, and a Converge Networking Party for industry professionals.
🌐 The ecosystem attending the conference includes diverse industries such as E-Commerce Platforms, Digital Marketing Agencies, Financial Services, Travel, and more.
🎫 Attendees can choose from various ticket packages, including Exhibition, Platinum, Corporate, Team, and Team Plus, each offering different access and benefits.
💎 Sponsorship opportunities are available for brands to gain exposure, connect with key decision-makers, and showcase products and services.
📆 Converge Africa 2024 offers exclusive insights, keynotes, and panels, with different ticket packages providing access to conference sessions, networking events, and more.
🛠️ The event also provides practical knowledge hubs, solution-focused content, and educational workshops covering five focused conference tracks.
🌐 Converge Africa is part of a series of retail events, formerly known as ECOM Africa, and aims to be a unifying brand for the digital commerce value chain.

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