Event:Business Online Conference
Location/City:London, UK
Price to Attend:£199

The Business Online Conference 2024, organized by Novicell, is a highly anticipated event set to take place in London on April 25, 2024. With a successful track record of hosting conferences for 11 years and marking its 3rd occurrence in London, this conference serves as a valuable platform for individuals involved in the digital landscape.

This conference primarily focuses on three key pillars of the digital realm: e-commerce, online marketing, and digital business development. Drawing in a diverse crowd, it welcomes marketers, digital professionals, C-suite executives, and business owners, providing them with an exceptional opportunity to delve into the latest trends and developments shaping the digital landscape.

One of the standout features of this event is the impressive lineup of speakers. In the past, the conference has hosted renowned experts who not only possess innovative insights but also have the ability to convey their ideas eloquently. With more speakers yet to be announced, attendees can anticipate an engaging and thought-provoking discourse from professionals such as Louise Troen, CMO at Reveri & Former VP Marketing at Headspace & Bumble; Mark Adams, Senior VP and Head of Innovation at VICE Media; Sahil Jaggi, Head of Marketing for UK, Ireland & Nordics at UPS; and many more.

Apart from thought-provoking talks, attendees can look forward to valuable networking opportunities. Given its international scope, the conference attracts participants from across Europe, offering a conducive environment for forging long-term business connections over coffee or lunch. Moreover, the event promises to deliver tangible solutions and innovative ideas that can be immediately implemented, making a significant impact on both businesses and customers.

The conference unfolds across three stages, each featuring passionate digital specialists who will share the latest developments within their respective fields. This diverse range of speakers ensures that attendees gain a holistic view of the digital landscape.

Businesses across various industries participate as partners, seizing the opportunity to discuss their digital experiences and challenges. As a partner, companies can establish connections with like-minded professionals and showcase how their products or services can support other businesses.

The conference’s choice of venue, CodeNode, is particularly noteworthy. Known as a multi-purpose tech venue, CodeNode has a history of hosting innovative events, start-up gatherings, developer groups, and global conferences. Following the conference, there will be a networking reception where attendees can unwind and network over good food and drinks.

To participate in this enriching experience, interested individuals can purchase tickets, which include access to the conference, insights from over 15 inspiring speakers, networking opportunities, catering throughout the day, and access to the after-party.

For those looking to get in touch or inquire about partnerships, speakers, or tickets, contact information is readily available.

For further details and ticket bookings, visit the [Business Online Conference 2024 website](https://www.novicell.co.uk/business-online-conference-2024/).

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