Event:ad:tech Tokyo
Location/City:Tokyo, Japan
Price to Attend:TBA

🌐 The ad:tech Tokyo conference is described as the largest marketing conference in Asia.
📅 The next conference is scheduled for October 17th & 18th, 2024.
🌍 The conference emphasizes the impact of global changes and technological evolution on future human behavior.
🎙️ The event focuses on addressing societal expectations, including sustainability, and their connection to people’s essence.
📊 Statistics show 16,520 attendees, 232 conferences, 70+ sponsors & exhibitors, and 26 partners.
📰 Latest news includes the release of the ad:tech Tokyo 2023 After Show Report and announcements of speakers and award sessions.
🏆 “Marketers of the Year 2023” award winners and judges will have a special session at the conference.
🗓️ The event will take place at Tokyo Midtown & The Ritz-Carlton on October 19th – 20th, 2023.
📧 Visitors are encouraged to sign up for emails regarding adtech, summits, and other marketing events.

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