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Vendor:Eric Dieperink
Launch Date:2018-Jan-09
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $10 - $24
JV Page:
Affiliate Network:PayDotCom 

AppZilla | Monstrous App’s For Monster Marketers!


What is AppZilla and how will it help my subscribers and customers?

AppZilla is Cloud-Based Marketing Software designed to offer 14 different web-based applications that can be used on any website.

It requires no installation and it works efficiently with all operating systems including: Windows, Linux and MAC.

Appzilla is also compatible with content management systems (like WordPress and Joomla etc); and works effectively on mobile devices due to its web-based (cloud-based) and fully responsive nature.

We Build Apps You Have Never Seen Before, And Will Change The Entire IM Industry!

We have designed a miraculous app (Stop Refunds) to help merchants funnel customers into other options. People are given choices through an automated process that presents other options for a customer including a replacement product. This new system can give you 15% less refunds a year, all with a win-win situation. The client is satisfied, and you keep the money!

The customers are sent to ‘special offer’ pages automatically created by AppZilla, saving you time and money. Doing this can transform a dissatisfied customer into a happy one while saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. An automated customer complaint resolution system can help keep them happy while you are able to focus on your business instead of the complaints!

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