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Vendor:David Calafiore et al
Product:Local Media Hero
Launch Date:2022-May-12
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27
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Affiliate Network:WarriorPlus 
Niche:Social Media 


Something POWERFUL is happening RIGHT NOW and you definitely need to be aware of it!

Over the past few years, our team has been quietly leveraging a business model that goes against the conventional way of building a local marketing agency.
In fact, as a result of this business model, our agency is thriving!
No longer do we stress about competitors or dealing with the typical friction of prospecting and growing an agency…(you know the methods that cause Kryptonite-Like Rejection that drain Superman of His Powers). We made a shift in our strategy that has caused local businesses to ‘send a signal in the sky’ and seek out our help because they recognize the ‘Super Hero Power’ we now possess! This ‘Super Hero Power’…is Attention!
And we’ve discovered how to use that power for the good of our local community, the good of local businesses who want to attract local customers, and for the good of our agency!

There’s a ton of power & profit in attention. And we’re going to reveal how to leverage this attention in what we’re calling ‘Local Media Hero’!

Local Media Hero shows you how to get past the gate-keeper by becoming The Gate-Keeper by building out a ‘media asset’ and leveraging Facebook.
Agency owners want more local clients but connecting with those prospective clients can be a challenge. Until Now!
Local Businesses want Attention!
When you control local consumers’ attention and have the ability to point that attention towards local businesses you want to work with, you have Leverage!
Local Media Hero is a Blueprint that helps Agencies and Marketers build and harness Local Attention. When you control the attention of thousands or tens of thousands of local eyeballs, it becomes infinitely easier and frictionless to connect with and start working with and sell to prospective local businesses.
In Local Media Hero, we show you everything we’ve repeatedly done to get predictable results!
Anyone can start, build and grow a true asset that provides Leverage for an agency to connect with and start working with real local businesses!
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