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Product:Copywriting Unparalleled
Launch Date:2024-Aug-03
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
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Copywriting Unparalleled

Learn How To Achieve Up To A 47% Sales Conversion, The Average Sales Conversion Is 1%

It Means You Are Making 47x More Money Than You Did If Your Current Conversion Is 1% With The Same Amount Of Traffic

If you currently have a 1% conversion and 1,000 visitors per month you are currently making 10 sales per month, if you get $47 Per Sale, It’s 10 x $47 = $470 Per Month, After You Have Studied And Implemented Copywriting Unparalleled Your Conversion Jumps to 47%, 1000 visitors x 47% = 470 sales per month Where You Only Made 10 Sales Per Month, Which is $47 x 470 sales per month = $22,090 Per Month Where You Only Made $470 Per Month

This Is With 1 Product, If You Do 10 Products It’s $22,090 x 10 = $220,900 Per Month

Welcome To The Best Copywriting, Marketing Or Advertising Course In The World

It Can Also Be Applied To Offline Copywriting, Marketing Or Advertising

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