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Vendor:Chris X
Product:DFY AI & DFY GPT
Launch Date:2023-Mar-11
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $15
JV Page:
Affiliate Network:WarriorPlus 






Make $10+ EPCs* With The World’s 1st MUST-HAVE A.I. APP For CHAT-GPT™


Presenting the DFY A.I Suite + DFY Chat-GPT Suite.

*”Everyone knows AI is “THE” next big thing.

Your “blown away” by Chat GPT

BUT.. I bet you aren’t using it to profit, not like me!…

I’ve been automating HUGE CHUNKS of some HIGH VALUE parts of my Internet business…

And it’s all because of some advanced prompts & tricks I’ve been applying.

Now, rather than “teach” you what I’m doing, I’m simply putting it ALL (30x prompt sequences) into a single cloud-based software tool…

($400-$4,000 per day in proof… 3x AI models pre-loaded into the app… 30x different systems & sequences… 5 years of developing AI tools… $30k of proof in 2023 with AI… ONE all-in-one app).

Here’s what the DFY AI suite includes:

> Includes *NEW* “DFY AI” Software (Cloud-Based App – connects to GPT-3, Chat-GPT + DallE)
> Simply Copy-Paste text from any website and paste it into the app, then…
> Watch as the app Creates 30x instant income-generating assets “behind the scenes”
> This AUTOMATES the exact systems/tactics that make me $100-$4,000 per day
> Monster prompts preloaded, API models preloaded & configured… output sequences and chains pre-set. All YOU need to do is paste some text from your website!
>  LOOK! DFY AI creates “generational-wealth-level” Internet assets: entire ecom products, Google Chrome extensions, cloud-based software tools, VSL sales letters, slide-videos, video courses, websites & much more. The moves the 1% make have now been turned into simple text prompts that the AI will execute for you
> Make Money With Chat GPT, MidJourney, OpenAI & Many More.. RIGHT NOW In March, 2023!

JV Page & F/E previews now live! This is gonna be epic!

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