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GUMROADVOL1: 101 Ways to Profit with Gumroad

Starting Date:  3/10/20, 9am EST

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Barb Ling and Dennis Becker here and we are thrilled to announce our latest!

Product: “GUMROADVOL1: 101 Ways to Profit with Gumroad”

Platform: W+

Commissions: 60% FE, 50% on all upsells

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This powerful zero fluff 56+ page step-by-step PDF takes the buyers gently by the hand and provides them with not only 101 ways to profit from Gumroad, but also how to start from scratch (beginner friendly!) and packed with screenshots!

Front End:  “101 Ways to Profit with Gumroad”

$8.95, 60% affiliate commission

2. Upsell: Audio 7 Week Product Creation Mastermind

Dimesale $21.53, 50% Commission, dimesale

3. Cross-Sell: Gumroad Strategy Pack

Dimesale $7.47, 50% Commission, dimesale

4. Cross-Sell: Gumroad Power Toolkit:  Done For You Research in 508+ Niches

Dimesale $22.27, 50% Commission, dimesale 

5. Cross-Sell: Dennis and Barb Monthly Coaching, Recurring (downsell is just Covert Affiliate Authority)

Insanely under-priced monthly IM Coaching by eMail (and it includes :


$37.00/month, 50% Commission, Recurring

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SUBJECT: You… selling your own products even if you hate technology?
SUBJECT: Use this secret goodie to increase your bottom line  (beginner friendly)?
SUBJECT: 101+ zero-cost product creation ideas are waiting for YOU (pls open)
SUBJECT: Forget Upsells/Downsells: Beginner-friendly way to profit from YOUR products
SUBJECT: Grab this beginners-friendly blueprint to increasing your income 3x?
SUBJECT: Gumroad Profits Made Easy? (details inside)
SUBJECT: HEADSUP: This wealth of Gumroad Profits is *this* cheap?
SUBJECT: 5 Figures/Month is achievable… here’s how

Hey there,

It’s maddening, isn’t it?

It seems like every day, people mention how it’s impossible to profit from digital products on their site.

And honestly, I can see why people think this – after all, if you haven’t been exposed to this idea earlier, you might think you’re too old to learn.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

See, you do NOT need complicated payment systems to profit online…

There exists a below-the-radar resources that is so simple to use, a middle-school child can be successful with it!

So why haven’t you seen this before?

Easy.  It’s SO below the radar that other, more flashy systems grab the limelight instead.

So if you’re not yet at that “Yes I can do it!” product creation moment, or if you hopeless because of past mistakes…

I sure know how you feel!   AND… That’s going to change *today*!

Imagine if you could have a reliable way of selling your blog or social platform or … well, just about anywhere online… Imagine if you could generate 2, 3 or even 4 figures a day!

Just imagine…

It sure would build up your bottom line FAST, right?

Well, you’re in luck today because my veteran marketing colleagues, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker (they have more than 44 years of experience between them!), has just released (and remember, the page is very mobile-friendly old-school – no flashy graphics, no “slick” design – you’ll simply get what Dennis and Barb are known for – quality products that stand on their own):

101 Ways to Profit with Gumroad
==> LINK

Clocking in at less than 60 fluff-free easy-to-follow ideas (and one bonus trick!)… you’ll discover:

* FREE Resources for Uncovering royalty-free images, audio clips, videos and more that you can use in your product at no extra cost!

101+ Different Ways To Profit with Gumroad – you can generate income to ALL of them!

How you can build a following even if you haven’t made just 1 product yet (the method is pleasingly simple!)

The 14 high-level categories for Product Creation (all stored nice and neat)

The Most OPTIMAL ways to profit online… – and how to find out what works for *you*!

How you can set up “pay what you’d like” or even 0-cost products!

101+ Ways to make all the above happen – waiting for you…

And even more!

==> See for yourself:

Money likes speed, and time *is* money, so this powerful blueprint (it can be consumed and put into practice in under 3 minutes) gives you the *key* towards generating profit… starting today!!

The enhancements are pretty cool as well:

* Niche Research done-for-you in 508+ popular niches  (buyers will be able to zero in on targeted niche product creation components for zero cost)

* Gumroad Strategy Pack (contains 77 precise Gumroad resource links, including zero cost ebooks that can be had for free)

* 7 week Audio Product Creation Mastermind (so buyers can listen to it on their phones, while in traffic, etc.etc.)

* Monthly Dennis and Barb Coaching via eMail (that includes SO much thud… it’s insane how little the cost of entry is)


==> It’s waiting for you!

Just imagine… within 30 seconds you could have at your fingertips the secret to beefing up your bottom line… and then apply it to your business practices and see your income triple if not more…

What are you waiting for?

But you have to hurry – this low price won’t last long


ps – it’s less than the cost of a night out at the movies!

pps – imagine how you will feel once your financial goals are on their way:

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