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As the CEO and chief architect of NAMS (the Novice to Advanced Marketing System), I've used my journalistic, consulting and entrepreneurial skills to build a successful and growing business training workshop at held in Atlanta. The MyNAMS Total Business System training membership at is a step-by-step tutorial system focusing on Training, Tools and Teams that helps people become even more successful. NAMS is a community of like-minded people with high values led by instructors with awesome integrity. In addition to all that, and without any experience, I took a year off in 2003 to personally build a 2200 square foot log cabin in Eva, Alabama where my wife, two dogs and a cat, and I live on 95 acres of forest with four streams and 60-foot waterfall. I always start businesses that help me learn more about topics that I’m interested in. Online business training without hype and snake oil seemed to be missing. So, I rounded up the best instructors I could find (more than 85 of them now) and put together an impressive step-by-step, 52-module curriculum from novice to advanced online business training. We offer free training as well at

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