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Vendor:Barb Ling et all
Product:Big Boomer and Beginner Marketing Challenge
Launch Date:2020-Jul-15
Launch Time:13:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $17
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Affiliate Network:WarriorPlus 

Actual Challenge Date: 7/15/2020, Wednesday, 1pm EST
Product: 5 Day Power Marketing/Boomer/Beginners Challenge
Commissions: 100%/40%
Vendors: Barb Ling, Dennis Becker

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Something new and exciting!

Challenges are all the rage these days…. And your list is going to adore this paid web ticket event of a 5 day challenge by Dennis Becker and myself!


1.) Front End: 5 Day Boomer/Beginner Marketing Challenge – 100% commission

5 Value packed classes that will enable any buyers to truly build their business foundation so their 2021 will shine!

Upsell: After the 5 day challenge we will pitch our yearly group membership at a fantastic price: ($695/year or $57/month, 40% commissions)

And here’s a quick swipe:

SUBJECT: You… having 2 Veteran Internet Marketers waiting for YOUR questions?
SUBJECT: Only 5 Days in which you can achieve the impossible?
SUBJECT: Profiting from Internet Marketing just became a whole lot easier
SUBJECT: Beginners, Veterans, ALL can benefit from this 5 Day Boomer/Beginner Challenge (space limited)
SUBJECT: Seize the benefits of having 2 Master IM Marketers in your pocket for 5 days
SUBJECT: The 5 Day Challenge Guaranteed To Change Your Mindset?
SUBJECT: A 5 Days of Handholding for Profiting Online?

Hey there,

I personally can’t believe they’re doing it…. but they are!! 44 years of combined success of supporting their families online … and they’re going to reveal all….

Imagine getting rid of the maddening envious thoughts like the following:

Every day, you see others profit widely online…

… while you see a great big goose egg (or worse!) resulting from *your* efforts.

Sometimes, it seems like *everyone’s* seeing success except you!

And sure as heck MUST be maddening.

Honestly, I can see why people think this – after all, at times it appears that only those who have access to the “big dogs” network can really get the insider secrets.

But what if *you* could have two veteran marketers (each with 22+ years of “been there/done that regarding just about *everything* about Internet Marketing) in your right hand pocket?

And not only that, what if these 2 marketers offered you a 5 day challenge to put ideas into action (along with a Day 6 that includes Your Next Steps and even more goodies?)

What if during those 5 days, you had a marketing question…. but know you could reach out to these two powerhouses of IM profit knowledge, and get *their* insider secrets on the best ways to tackle anything that might be plaguing you today?

If so, you’re in luck!

See, my veteran marketing colleagues, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker (they have more than 44 years of experience between them!), are *finally* offering a fantastic 5 day Boomer Marketing Challenge that will show to you ALL the steps required to build your profit foundation (along with a Day 6 that includes Your Next Steps and even more goodies?)

5 Day + 1 Boomer Profit Challenge!
==> LINK

This goodie gives you not 1, not 2 but 5(!) 5 days’ worth of powerful actionable items…

And at the end, you’ll be well prepared to take your own next step….

Secure in the knowledge you can put into practice profits ideas…. starting today (and get this, on Day 6 – all the recordings will be provided as well.


Your future starts now!
==> LINK

Just imagine… within 30 seconds you could become one of the select few who will gain these goodies that will enable you to approach 2021 with confidence and pride.

What are you waiting for?

But you have to hurry – this low price won’t last long…


ps – this offer could close at any moment…. hurrying is definitely recommended!

pps – How 5 days could change YOUR life:


More soon….

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