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Vendor:Luke Maguire
Product:Profile Mate 3 day, 10K No Min Prizes Speed launch
Launch Date:2021-Nov-03
Launch Time:9:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47
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Affiliate Network:JVZoo 
Niche:Social Media 



Hey team!

Luke Maguire here & after delivering the TWO biggest products of 2019 (advertsuite, paying out over 7 figures in commissions so far) and in 2020 Profilemate (the biggest launch on JV ZOO of the year), I’m back in 2021 for TWO huge announcements.

Firstly, I wanted to let you know to lock in the 3rd of November for something I’ve NEVER seen anyone do on JV ZOO before, a 3 day ‘SPEED launch’  in a unique way where I’ll be re-launching PROFILE-MATE , the number 1 launch 2020 for 3 days only with a 10k (yes TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS no minimums prize pool in one simple phase contest).

This is without a doubt the easiest way to make money with both prizes & conversions in THREE quick days.

This software is proven to be the highest paying launch & more importantly result based proof tool to date. I’m doing a main launch later on in the year but on November 3rd I need you to be a part of this as I am making a course for YOU on how to re-launch products & get the same, if not better results so you don’t have to ALWAYS think of new product ideas … more on that in a minute.

Now before i talk about this 3 day launch I want to remind you of why Profile-Mate not only the software that paid the most money out to affiliates in 2020 on JV ZOO & highest stick rate of recurring in 2021, but also WHY it’s a great tool to promote.

  1. Profile-mate is the number 1 & only software of it’s kind that gets you hundreds, to even thousands of email address’s of the followers of ANY fan page LEGALLY & ethically (1 in 10 users have their email public & ALLOW you to email them). Let me set you up with access now so you can literally see how it works & get emails within minutes.
  2. Profile-mate is now PROVEN, prior to this launch there was no proof, now with our recurring sales (over 500k on oto1 alone RECURRING, you not only will make a pay day from the one time offers in this 3 day period, but also recurring for months, or even years to come.
  3. With a huge influx of people looking for make money online opportunities in 2021 & the sad but realistic side to online marketing space, the majority of people BUYING now in 2021 are different to those in 2020. This gives 3 days of huge scarcity to push this proven software that gets results.

If you are a part of this launch you will get some very special bonuses such as:

  1. This is proven to be the number 1 commission payer of 2020 & number 1 recurring product that’s launched in previous years of 2021 – put simply it will make you money this is a proven tool, system & funnel WITH recurring inside
  2. Anyone who makes 5 sales or more I’ll include YOUR bonus in a custom VIP page inside of profile mate so you can build your audience from this launch.
  3. 10 THOUSAND dollars in no minimum prizes over 3 days – ONE Phase, Overall prizepool, milestones & speed competitions, this is a quick in and out method.
  4. All affiliates who participate will get a video copy of my ‘re-launch masterclass’ showing exactly how I re-launch products a year or more after they have originally launched to ensure I don’t need to keep creating ‘new concepts’, there is zero need.
  5. You will also get access to my ‘7 figure product launch’ course where I’ll show you EXACTLY how I launch products from A-Z, from writing sales copy, filming sales videos, finding affiliates, time lines, webinars and so on – In fact you’ll get this course LIVE as it happens for my new product launch coming in December but more on that later).

Why am I doing a 3 day speed launch? 

Firstly, a trend I’ve seen over the past few years is people coming out with GREAT products & doing great numbers, but the products dying in the water 6-12 months later. I also see people HAVING to launch constantly to keep up with fresh lists, to stop burnout & to keep an income coming in.

I wanted to not just create, but demonstrate how with MINIMAL time (2-3 weeks) one can re-launch a product & have it do not just similar numbers, but even BETTER numbers than originally, allowing vendors to copy this strategy & increase the amount of quality (not quantity) products on the market.

To do this, I need your support on November 3rd – check my fb at or also contact Simon harries, we have got you COVERED with EVERYTHING you need.

Many of you may remember in 2019-2020 I changed my method from releasing 2-3 products a year to figuring out how to create ONE product launch a year that does the numbers of 2-3 of my previous years. After mastering this it’s lead me to want to solve the issue of people ‘launching for the sake of launching’ & showing a unique method I’ve created here.

I’ll drop the updated JV PAGE soon & make sure to follow me on Facebook as i’ll be dropping a lot of videos there – let’s make this the NEW norm, focus on QUALITY OVER QUANTITY & also make some big cash prizes in this 3 day sprint, before getting ready for my next launch with my biggest prize pool to date. By participating in this you’ll get some extras come my next main launch as well.

I’m excited to share this with you guys & really finish this year off strong with TWO of the biggest launches 2021 will see.

Let’s GO TEAM!

Luke Maguire

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