Big Launch
Vendor:Fred Lam et al
Product:Print Profits
Launch Date:2018-Jul-05
Launch Time:08:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $997
JV Page:
Affiliate Network:Clickbank 

Dear Affiliates and JV Partners,


We’ve built the ultimate training course series that that shows the step-by-step on how to build a profitable online business using print-on-demand. Now, you get to earn over $498 commission per sale and over $50,000 in prizes!

During our beta launch for Print Profits, we’ve done a 10% conversion rate on this specific webinar series. You can rest assured that the conversions will be through the roof!

We also have a GUARANTEED CPA where everyone can earn an extra bonus aside from our commission and huge prize pool. For every lead your send through, you will be guaranteed to receive $2 per lead for anyone that double opt-in.

Print Profits is broken up into 8 modules. We will show you how to build a business online from scratch using print-on-demand. There will be tons of case studies, blueprint formula, and templates you can follow to implement right into your business. This program is designed for anyone with zero experience to build an online business in just 3 simple steps and strategies that will help people scale up their business.

We crafted our Print Profits launch a little different than the usual ones we are used to seeing. It is broken up into 3 PHASES. Each phase serves its own purpose and is proven to convert higher than the previous one, all the way the end of our closing.

These 3 phases are TESTED and PROVEN for high conversion where you can maximize your commission.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 3 phases:

Phase 1: Free Course Giveaway (July 5 – 8th)

It’s about content, not just pitch. We want to provide valuable content to your followers and make them love you. Instead of a typical free PDF report, we have created a FREE 10-part video training series for you to give away. This training series will blow your subscribers away with incredible experience filled with amazing content to kickstart their online business.

Now, here’s the best part for YOU. For every person that subscribes to this FREE course giveaway, you will be guaranteed to earn $2 per lead. The ONLY condition is that each lead MUST double opt-in and then you will automatically be qualified for this prize. There is NO limit to this, however, you do need a minimum of 50 confirmed email addresses to earn this $2 per lead contest. Also, email addresses with the same IP address will only count as one and we have the rights to remove anyone from this contest if we suspect an abuse to the contest.

Phase 2: Workshop Registration (July 8 – 20th)

We will be hosting 2 workshops filled with value and content. Throughout Phase 2, we are going to reward a total of $15,000 in prizes for the top 10 affiliates who sent the most leads. The top prize is even going to be a ROLEX! We’re even going to have $35,000 in sales prizes as well! Top prize is a BRAND NEW CAR!

Phase 3: Print Profits 8-Hour Summit (July 23rd)

On July 23rd, we are going to have a full 8-hour virtual Q&A session. In this event, we will have Fred Lam and Michael Shih to provide amazing content to your followers. Not to mention, your subscribers even get a chance to ask any burning questions that they may have and get help from experts!

We will also be offering Print Profits at a HUGE discount. This is unlike any other typical launch. We will have a full agenda and structure in place so we can solely focus on selling more Print Profits and for you to earn more commission!

Simply go to our JV page ( to sign up now as an affiliate.

We appreciate all your support regardless of how many clicks you send!

We look forward to seeing you on the leaderboard!

Fred Lam and Michael Shih

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