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Vendor:Andrew Darius et al
Launch Date:2018-Sep-19
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27
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The first video player which solves problem with autoplay youtube videos after recent changes to Chrome and Safari  AND… fixes the problem with coming, and potentially DEVASTATING Sept 25th YouTube embed code changes!

$10,000 in affiliate prizes

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ExplaindioPlayer is the first video player on our market which solves problem with autoplay youtube videos after recent changes to Chrome and Safari

It is new generation of Video Player which allows to “control” viewers

It has all major features great players have, plus has many unique features including also ability to auto-play videos with audio as muted video with “Click for sound” (animated for attention). Click restarts video from the beginning.

With EplaindioPlayer your customer will be able to autoplay videos even in chrome and safari browsers without viewers missing the most important part of video audio.

Talk about TIMING !

September 25th Youtube is making the massive change that can be devastating for everybody who sells or generate leads with videos but I have the solutions for you 🙂 

Here is cut from YouTube announcement:

“Following the change, the channel avatar and video title will always display before playback begins [cut] The avatar being displayed is new behavior that will be consistent across all embedded players. These changes will become effective on or after September 25, 2018”

Do you realize how dreadful it is for sales and leads generating videos, especially in combination with Chrome and Safari no longer auto-playing videos with audio?

It means that your videos will have initial look and feel of cats & dogs or other entertainment videos if not autoplayed, so nobody will take you seriously, and it will make you look like amateur on top.

The initial look and feel sets the mindset for the rest of video, and the last thing you want is viewer to subconsciously expect entertainment instead sales or leads generation video.

Businesses spend hundreds of dollar over and over gain just on video intro for the reason.

There is a huge massive intro animations industry, there are massively popular apps focusing on making intros, and there are tens of thousands of freelancers making those video intros.

It is because marketing is all about perception and mindset which is set in a first few seconds on the video.

Big perception blow on the beginning of the video can kill engagement, and dramatically lower sales or leads generated by the video.

The only solution to not have that cat & dog funny video look & feel, and set the right mindset from the start, is to have video autoplay working across all the browsers.

When video is autoplayed, that dreadful mindset and perception destroyer – channel avatar and title, will not appear because video is already playing.

Explaindio Player fixes all that for you.

You already no longer can just copy/paste a youtube video with audio to your website and have it autoplay in those browsers.

It means that without Explaindio Player you are stuck with either deadly on-hold video (and funny look after Sept 25th) or you autoplay muted video with prospects losing the most important initial part of the video’s audio before they click unmute.

It does not have to be that way anymore!

Explaindio Player smart autoplay engine restarts a playing video from the start after the viewer clicks the big “enable audio” button placed on the video, plus it autoplays unmuted video instantly on browsers which still autoplay videos with audio.

The best part?

All you need to do is enable autoplay with just 1-click and then Explaindio Player will do all the magic behind the scenes.

So no matter which videos player you are using now, if it does not support autoplay with audio from the beginning in Chrome and Safari, make sure to switch to ExplaindioPlayer before September 25th or else!

Explaindio Player will have EPC through the roof!

Most people use youtube on sales and lead generation pages and they must switch the player or face the consequences of not switching!

ALSO there will be curiosity (and real) conversion booster.

Inside the member area you will also discover simple but very effective tip how to, very easily, combat the 2nd dreadful YouTube Sept 25th change. Just that single tip would be well worth the whole price of the ExplaindioPlayer 🙂

The TIP will be revealed after launch ends (and this is will be the info inside member area) so nobody can spoil that curiosity conversion booster!

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