Event:Product Marketing Community
Location/City:Austin ,Texas ,USA
Topic:Growth Marketing
Price to Attend:$214-$249


Disruption—the good kind—happens when you bring together the best and brightest Product Marketers, including peers, thought leaders and visionaries.

That’s the idea behind Product Marketing Community, a first-of-its-kind series of events created by product marketers for product marketers. It’s a rare opportunity to spend a day with fellow Product Managers, Field Marketers, Content Marketers, Analysts, Coordinators and Product Engineers, to hone best practices, share insights and hear revolutionary new ideas from some of the world’s greatest marketing minds.

Product Marketing Community is part workshop, part networking forum and part master class—a place to learn, share, incite and inspire.

Here’s the highlight video:

The Product Marketing Community is on a mission to help you become an architect of growth. Created by product marketers for product marketers, we bring together new ideas, powerful presentations, and a diverse group of delegates.

Together we’ll tackle everything from product launch to competitive intel. Our promise to you: A day of purpose, connection, and countless “Holy Crap, I didn’t know that” moments. At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with a fresh perspective, and a powerful community.

Why Attend?

We’ve got a lot to offer in one day: top-drawer keynote speakers, workshops, meet-the-expert sessions, group discussions and so much more. We keep our agenda moving along and our content digestible. No snoozing on our watch!

At PMC Austin, you will dive into Defining buyer personas and purchase process Identifying growth opportunities Go-to-market planning and execution Launches and campaign strategy Competitive intelligence And a whole lot more!

Who it’s for?

This day is about ideas and best practices that can help turn products and plans into revenue. Are you a Product Marketer, Product Manager, Field Marketer, Content Marketer, Analyst, or Product Engineer? Then yes, you’ll want to be here.

Come and join us at this event. For more details, please visit our official website.

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