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Vendor:Andrew Darius et al
Product:Fresh Domain Leads
Launch Date:2015-Dec-29
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $47
JV Page:
Affiliate Network:JVZoo 

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Fresh Domain Leads launches December 29th at 11am EST

Hey JVs,

After selling over $2.1m of marketing related products and seeing firsthand what makes the product a bestseller, we have created Fresh Domain Leads software.

It is going to put tons of both instant and recurring cash in your pocket, so get ready because December 29th at 11am EST you will have an opportunity to participate in one of the most anticipated launches this year.

Before I tell you all details about both the front end and the upsale offers, let me tell you about the product itself.

The main problem every vendor and affiliate encounters, is having fresh leads to sell to.

Not just any leads though, but leads from prospects who not only already showed interested but also already spent money pursuing it.

While all methods of getting buyers’ leads should be used, there is one way of getting the leads which does not involve the need for traffic, but does require the combination of tech and legal access to the bulk information, which we have.

The leads, which do not require traffic are information of prospects who have spent money buying a domain name very recently, including the day before.

Domain name registration info is public by law, so everybody who knows domain name can search whois database themselves.

But there are 2 problems with the public version of the system, which makes is virtually impossible to be used as a lead source.

The main problem is that there is no way to get the list of freshly registered domain names including the domain names registered the day before.

The other problem is that getting info one by one is extremely time consuming. What makes it  even worse is the fact that that big number of domain names are registered through 3rd party privacy services.

The Fresh Domain Leads software provides all the registrant info from freshly registered domain names and it filters out domain names registered with 3rd party privacy services to remove the clutter.

With service like that, it is also very important that the lead info is not shared with more than few people or otherwise prospect would be overflowed with offers.

This is why, as long as there is enough new domain names registered any given day, the Fresh Domain Leads software deliver same lead only to one member, which makes the value of the lead much higher and prospect much more likely to respond to relevant offer.

Now let me tell you about the product funnel and why it will produce for you both high EPC on launch and strong recurring cash flow every month.

Front end offer is $47 lifetime access to Fresh Domain Leads Standard version membership, which gives the user access to 30 unique leads per day.

The lifetime access will go away after the launch ends, which means that the only way to get lifetime access is during the product launch.

Upsell one is the choice between PRO and PLATINUM levels of membership. PRO access level gives user access to 60 unique leads per day and allows to get leads only from chosen country.

PLATINUM access level allows to get 100 unique leads per day and allows to get leads only from chosen state or a city to target local businesses.

Both PRO and PLATINUM version will be sold as choice between recurring subscription and high ticket lifetime offer.

There is also Basic version of membership which will be offered on exit popup for those who want to leave the website without buying.

With Basic level membership we deliver only list of 15 freshly registered domain names without any whois info, but with already filtered out registrations with 3rd party privacy services info.

It means that Basic level member will have a list of freshly registered domain names, but they need to manually get registrants info from public whois service.

Upsell two is whitelabel license.

You can read what is included in whitelabel license on JV page.

If you promoted our other launches you know that our funnels converted like crazy, and this one is no different.

So mark down your calendar for Fresh Domain Leads software launch on the date listed below this video.

We will be providing you with the bonuses, swipes, and everything you need to cash on this launch.

If there is anything you need whatsoever make sure to get in touch with us through the details down below.

We do reciprocate and we are known to produce five figures for our partners, so we will have your back in the future.

Thanks and see you.

— Andrew Darius

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